Additional Tools


Sharing Files

You might want to share files within chats or channels with your colleagues. A top tip is that Teams works quite well with Microsoft Office documents.

  1. Select your Team > desired Channel > Posts
  2. When you are in your channel, go to the box where you can type in your message
  3. Click the Attach icon below the box
  4. You will see four options: Recent, Browse Teams and Channels, OneDrive, and Upload from my computer
  5. Select the option most suitable to you
  6. Select a file and click Share a link OR select the file, click Open and select Send if you are uploading the file from your computer
  7. If you want to see all the files posted on the channel, you can do so by selecting the Files tab at the top of the channel

Click here for more information or watch the video below 

Click here to watch the video Click here to watch the video

Collaborate on Files

When your team works together, you might have files that you want to share and collaborate on in real time. Teams makes it easy for you to share files and work on them together. If you are working on Excel, Word or PowerPoint, your colleagues can view, edit, or collaborate with you directly on teams.

  1. Each channel has its own file folder where you can share files with that specific team. To access that folder, select the Files tab
  2. Upload the desired file into the channel library:
          - Drag and drop from your existing library
          - Select Upload, then select the file or files you would like to upload,                  select Open
  3. You can also create a new file (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) in teams and collaborate

For more information click here

Additional Questions?

If you have any further questions on how to use Teams, you can select this option to find out more.

  1. Bottom left corner of Teams you can find the Help button
  2. Four tabs will appear: Topics, Training, What’s New, and About
  3. Select the Topics tab to browse featured topics or search for something specific
  4. Select Training to view short how-to videos and get up to speed on other tools on Teams 

Applications - Planner


Planner lets to generate board that contain all your team’s tasks and assignments. You can include the tools from Planner and its notifications for a channel, set up boards for personal use and more.

  1. To add the Planner tab in teams, click Add a Tab next to the existing tabs at the top of the channel or the chat
  2. Select Planner and either:
    - Click Create a new plan and type the name of the new Planner board
    - Click Use an existing plan and select an existing Planner board from the menu
    - Repeat this for as many plans as you want for your channel
  3. After you have created the Planner tab, you can assign different tasks to other people in your team and add links to individual tasks
  4. To start a conversation about your Planner board where you can @mention your teammates, click on Show tab conversation in the top right corner of the tab
    - The chat will appear in the threat in the channel that contains the Planner tab
  5. In the My Tasks tab, you can see all the tasks that have been assigned to you in Planner
    - The Recent and All tabs show you the Teams-created plans you have recently looked at and a list of all the plans you are a part of in Teams
    - The About tab will tell you more about Planner in Teams 
  6. You can get notifications about assignments when they have been assigned to you by another person. The notification will appear in:
    - Your Teams Activity feed
    - A chat with the Planner app

For more information click here 

Applications - Shifts

Shifts is a schedule management tool. It can help your team put together a schedule and swap shifts with your teammates. It allows you to plan your upcoming day, week or month and update your plans depending on changing needs as they arise.

  1. Shifts appears on the side bar on the left. Click on the Shifts icon on the side bar to start working on the application. If the application does not appear, select More apps through the three dots icon and find it on the list
  2. To keep track of all upcoming shifts, open Shifts and click on the Schedule tab
  3. This will open the calendar with the shifts of everyone in your team – you can choose Day or Month above the lists of dates to refine your view
  4. Any Team owner can create a schedule:
    - Go to the top left of the Shifts app and click the team name
    - Select Create team for the team you want to create a schedule for
    - Make sure the time zone is correct for the shifts you are going to be scheduling and click Create
  5. You can import a schedule into Shifts:
    - Open Shifts, and create a schedule for your team
    - Import data into the schedule by selecting More options through the three dots icon on the top right and select Import schedule
    - Download the sample file and read the instructions
    - Use the sample as a guide and put your schedule data in an Excel file – you will upload this into Shifts
    - After the data has been added, select Upload file
    - When the importing is finished, verify that the schedule looks correct and select Share with team when you are ready for everyone to see it
  6. To see the team schedule:
    - Select More options through the three dots icon on the far left-side of the app and choose Shifts
    - You can change the dates you are viewing with the buttons on the top of the frame
    - Select the shift to see further details, swap, or offer it to someone else

For more information on Shifts click on the links or videos below:

Getting started

Managing Shifts

Create a Shifts schedule 

Click here to watch the video Click here to watch the video


Introduction to Shifts 

Click here to watch the video Click here to watch the video


Manage a Shifts schedule

Click here to watch the video Click here to watch the video


Applications - Stream

Stream can allow you to share videos from Microsoft Stream or Office 365 directly in a tab. This means that everyone on the team that has access to the Stream video will be able to watch it in the Stream tab. Note: all the videos on Microsoft Stream are encrypted.

  1. Add the Stream tab, to do this click Add a tab next to the existing tabs in a channel and select Stream
  2. Add a name to the Tab name and add a link to either: a Microsoft Stream video, Microsoft Stream channel, a video on Office 365 video
  3. Tick the box indicating Post to the channel about this tab if you want to post to the channel of the video link
  4. Select Save

For more information click here

Share to Outlook from Teams

If you want to share content from Teams like chats or channel conversations to Outlook, you can do this without leaving Teams. 

  1. You must first have Outlook on the Web enabled ( - please check here on how to do this) 
  2. Within Teams, select a chat or channel, select More options through the three dots icon and choose Share to Outlook  
  3. Choose your recipients. You can also add attachments or customise the message with familiar email options 
  4. Click the Send button to share your chat  

For more information click here


Reply to missed activity emails from Outlook


As a Teams user, you will receive missed activity emails in Outlook to inform you of what you have missed when you were away from Teams. This can help you stay up to date on important conversations. In Outlook, you can see the latest replies from the conversation, and it allows you to respond directly within Outlook.

  1. In Outlook, click on the email from Teams
  2. Open the conversation threat within the email
  3. Select Reply
  4. In the dialogue box, type in your response and hit Send

For more information click here

Changing your Status

If you want to make sure that people know when you are busy or away from your desk, you can set your status in Teams. The little coloured dot by your profile indicates if you are available or not.

  1. Go to your Profile on the top right corner of Teams 
  2. Select the option that indicates your availability status
  3. The following options will appear: Available, Busy, Do not disturb, Be right back, Appear away
  4. Select the option you want

For more information click here

Sync and find your files from SharePoint and Teams in OneDrive

You can access your SharePoint and Teams files on OneDrive. These shared file libraries that you have recently used will appear in your navigation. You can build Team pages on SharePoint to improve communication with your Team and keep them up to date with recent activity.

You can sync your Microsoft SharePoint and Teams files to a folder. You can then work on files and access them even when you are offline. Any updates made on files will be made when you go back online, and they will sync automatically.

  1. Finding files (From OneDrive webpage):
    - Sign into your Microsoft 365 account
    - Select the app launcher icon and choose OneDrive
    - Shared Libraries will appear and select a site or Team to open it – if the option does not appear, select More Libraries
  2. Finding files (From OneDrive application):
    - Sign in to your Microsoft 365 account
    - Select Libraries
    - Select the name of the site and library in which the files are located
  3. Syncing:
    - Open the Microsoft 365 application launcher, select SharePoint or Teams and select the site with the files you want to sync
    - Select Documents or navigate to the subfolder that you want to sync
    - Select Sync – from now on the file will sync automatically
    - Grant permission for your browser to use Microsoft OneDrive

For more information on finding your files in OneDrive click here

For more information on file sync click here