Microsoft Office 365 @ LSE

Did you know: you can download Office for free?

LSE uses the Office 365 (O365) environment with it's subscription to Microsoft’s education. 

Our O365 subscription provides considerable benefits for the School, notably:

DTS faces a few challenges in supporting new O365 services. Microsoft actively develops O365, adding new tools and functionality automatically to our provision. Ensuring we are ready with adequate support arrangements and user guidance in a timely manner has, at times, proved difficult.

Before making a decision on whether we can fully support a Microsoft service, DTS needs to test them in the LSE environment and against our policies.

To help you see how we support O365 applications, we have developed the following matrix: 

Services Policy Matrix

Service LevelO365 Application  Level Description







Skype for Business

OneDrive for Business


Core services which are proactively monitored and supported. 





Services DTS will reactively support.





Office Mix

Information Rights Management*

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Stream




Services will not be supported and while users can use them, any issues will have to be dealt with by Microsoft.

*If you are Interested in using Information Rights Management, please contact our Information Security Team directly to discuss your requirements:

Service Level Definitions 

Definitions and examples of the DTS support levels can be found below:


Applications in this section are usually core services which DTS proactively monitors and provides training and guidance on.

If you have any technical issues, we will assist you via our IT Service Desk and relevant support teams. 

Online guidance and FAQs can be found here


O365 applications like Access and OneNote are supported by our IT Service Desk and relevant teams.

We will respond to support queries, however we may not proactively advertise these services.


Using an application in this section is at your own risk, meaning DTS will not be able to provide technical support should you have any issues. 

Technical queries will be referred to Microsoft.  

Online guidance and support can be found on the Microsoft website

The matrix will be regularly reviewed and updated as new features become available and/or when DTS support arrangements are put in place. Meaning, O365 applications could move between support levels at any point.

While something maybe in the unsupported section today, they may become a supported or managed service at a later date.  

Related Information

Permanent Deletion in Office 365

Unless backed up elsewhere, documents, records and other information deleted from the O365 environment once deleted will be permanently deleted.

Please back up important information to your H space or shared drive if you need to keep it but it no longer needs to be held in the O365 environment. 

All staff should keep to the School’s retention schedule when deleting other electronic information, which you are encouraged to do on at least a yearly basis.

If you are unsure if electronic information should be destroyed, please contact the School’s Records Manager, Rachael Maguire.

If you think there is a possibility your electronic information has historical importance, please contact the LSE Archivist, Sue Donnelly

Related Policies

There are a number of Information Security (InfoSec) policies and processes in place to help keep staff and students safe online. For example:

These documents are also critical for providing assurance to funders, regulators, auditors and governments that LSE takes seriously the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data placed in its care.

For more InfoSec policies, procedures, useful guidelines and documentation, see here.

Need Advice?

Please contact our IT Service Desk in the first instance if you require advice about using O365 applications: