Video & Web Conferencing

DTS have a bookable Video Conference facility in TOW1.G.05 that can be used for either service.

Video Conferencing uses a specialist hardware device to facilitate your video conference, meaning the remote site (the place you are connecting to) must also have a video conference unit. Most higher education and corporate institutions have video conference facilities but this may be a restriction when connecting to home users.

Web Conferencing uses software such as Skype, WebEx or GoToMeeting on your device in conjunction with a webcam to facilitate your conference. Anyone connected to the internet with the same web conference software is able to connect.

Video Conferencing: benefits and limitations 

The benefits are:

  • Higher quality video using a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera
  • Boundary microphones to capture the audio of a larger group of attendees
  • Ability to show visual materials on a laptop, PC or visualiser
  • Generally a more reliable connection
  • Up to 3 remote sites can be connected to your meeting

The limitations are:

  • The remote site must have a video conference unit
  • You are restricted on LSE campus to using our Video Conferencing unit in Tower 1 (or possibly the Sheikh Zayed Theatre)

To compensate for these limitations there are external services that can 'bridge' web conference users into your meeting.

Web Conferencing: benefits and limitations 

The benefits are:

  • The hardware required for this is very cheap
  • Skype and other software are freeYou can connect to any site with the software and an internet connection
  • You can host the conference in almost any room on campus (with loan of the appropriate kit)
  • Most people are familiar with using this software

The limitations are:

  • You often have to pay for a premium service to share desktop screens (i.e. show Powerpoint etc) or connect to multiple users
  • Often a simple webcam offers limited quality audio/videoCan provide challenges when multiple attendees are on one site

To compensate for these limitations the Video Conference room has been equipped with:

  • A high quality USB conference microphone for capture of multiple attendees
  • An HD web cam with a wide lens to capture multiple attendees
  • A premium subscription on Skype, for example is not expensive

Booking the Video Conference Suite - TOW1.G.05

Please email with the following information:

  • Date/time for booking
  • Contact email/phone for technical support at the remote site to arrange a test connection

If using video conferencing:

  • The IP address of the video conference room at the remote site

If using web conferencing:

  • The software being used
  • Meeting connection details (e.g. Skype name)

We also recommend a backup phone number for the remote meeting room should there be any problems.

A conference phone is available in the Video Conference room for this purpose.

Not sure which service to use? 

Please consider: If the remote site (person you are connecting to) does not have access to a video conference room, then Web Conferencing is your only option. 

While if they do have access to a video conference room, then either Video or Web Conferencing can be used.