Access for EA's - troubleshooting and general information

EAs require specific access to HoDs and Directors’ accounts which is accomplished via a setup by DTS. Please note that this should never be done via sharing your HoDs and Directors’ credentials, which is a breach of the School’s Information Security Policy.


I need to access Moodle to edit a course

Please contact to make sure you have the right access from your account to make the necessary changes to Moodle courses.

I need to book a Zoom meeting for my HoD/Director

Please use the following guide on scheduling priviledge to book meetings for the HoD/Director

Scheduling privilege – Zoom Help Center

I need access to the HoD's/Director's emails and calendars

This cannot be done by sharing the credentials of the HoD / Director. Please email to organise the appropriate access for yourself and we can guide you through this process.