Mailchimp Data Breach


5 April 2022

On Monday afternoon, Mailchimp announced a data breach affecting hundreds of customer accounts, especially accounts associated with cryptocurrency and finance. 

Mailchimp is a popular marketing platform used by many LSE staff and students to send e-newsletters to AU clubs, SU societies, and a variety of other social and academic groups at LSE. 

If you have an account with Mailchimp, we recommend changing your password and switching on MFA as an extra precaution. Bad actors with access to breached data are using information obtained about user accounts to launch phishing campaigns. 

  • Think before you click! And if you see any suspicious emails purporting to be from Mailchimp, please report it as an email attachment to  
  • Learn how to set up MFA for Mailchimp here

  • Change your Mailchimp password here – and we recommend your new password meets the LSE Password Policy