What's on this Black History Month

"We wanted to create a world that exemplifies what we wanted to see"

Chadwick Boseman

This year, LSE acknowledges the importance of Black History Month and its purpose of celebrating the Black figures in history that helped to shape not only the Black community, but the entire world. This month, we lift up our heroes and remember how they paved the way for us. One hero on and off the film screen was Chadwick Boseman, an African American actor who in 2018 played a superhero called Black Panther. The film having a predominantly Black cast that represented several identities in the African diaspora, was a cultural phenomenon as it became one of the highest grossing films of all time, proving that the world would pay to see Black stories on the screen. 

With the passing of Chadwick Boseman earlier this year, LSE selected the Black History Month theme of “Young, Gifted, and Black,” in memoriam, inspired by Boseman’s acceptance speech at the SAG Awards in 2019. This theme is chosen with the intention of continuing the discussions around representation that the film prompted, and to celebrate the young at heart who created change for Black people and the world. While looking deeply at our history, whether it be the young Black people who came on the Windrush, or the young Black people pushing the Black Lives Matter movement forward, we commend those Black people who have used their gifts to build a better future for us all. 


Event: LSE, UCL, King’s and Imperial Black History Month Community Social
Thursday 1 October, 1-2pm
Hosted by LSE EmbRace

L.U.K.I network coffee break will be an opportunity to connect with other Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff and to discuss how we as a network of universities can create much needed change in HE.

LSE Public Event: The 1619 Project on the Legacy of Slavery in the US
Monday 5 October, 3-4pm
Hosted by the US Centre

Join us for a conversation between Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer Prize winning author of the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project, and US Centre Director, Peter Trubowitz.

Podcast series launch: The Politics of Race in American Film
Monday 5 October
Hosted by the US Centre 

Listen to our preview for the US Centre’s upcoming podcast The Politics of Race in American Film host by Dr Clive James Nwonka. Click the link to listen to the preview.

Workshop: The Importance of Self-Care (BAME men and women)
Wednesday 7 October, 1.15-2pm and Wednesday 14 October 1.15-2pm
Hosted by LSE EmbRace

Informative and reflective workshop to support BAME staff with developing a personal self-care toolkit. You must be available for both dates to sign up.

Event: Why there is much more to black history than slavery: With Gaverne Bennett And Joseph Harker
Wednesday 7 October, 6-7.30pm
Hosted by LSESU 

Join the creators of the Guardian's Black History Timeline, Gaverne Bennett and Joseph Harker, for a conversation on Black History beyond the slave trade and why this might be the most important Black History Month ever.

Event: Navigating Identity: Black & Queer at LSE
Thursday 8 October 4-5.30pm
Hosted by LSE EmbRace and LSE Spectrum

This event will gather together Black & Queer members of the LSE community to have a frank conversation around the realities of navigating these identities and moving forward as a community in a way that empowers Black & Queer people.

Event: Growth and solidarity: cities reimagining human mobility in Africa and Europe
Friday 9 October, 1-2.30pm
Hosted by LSE European Institute

As cities grapple with the impact of the Covid pandemic the Mayors Dialogue will chart a path forward by highlighting and testing innovations for inclusive local governance, access to basic services for all, the transition to a green economy, and fairer, more equitable trade, mobility, and a stronger partnership between Africa and Europe.

Event: Young People and (anti-) Racism: whose lives matter in Europe?
Monday 12 October, 5-6pm
Hosted by the LSE European Institute and the 89 Initiative

This panel will discuss how racism has deeply shaped both European past and present and how young people today can determine how it’ll shape Europe’s future.

Event: Black History Month Coffee Break
Thursday 15 October, 12-1pm
Hosted by LSE EmbRace 

Event: Surviving and Thriving: A Black History Month artistic celebration
Friday 15 October, 2-3pm
Hosted by LSE Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa 

LSE Public Event: Is the Economy Racist? 
Thursday 15 October, 5.30-7pm
Hosted by the International Inequalities Institute

We know that ethnic minorities are more likely to be out of work and are disproportionately in low paid sectors - but is this the outcome of employer prejudice and bias or something deeper? Is the economy racist? If so, how? What can be done about it?

Event: Ethnic and Racial Harassment in Britain
Tuesday 20 October, 1-2pm 
Hosted by the International Inequalities Institute and the Department of Social Policy

Since the late 1960s, laws to address discrimination and harassment on the basis of ethnicity or race have been enacted. Now more than 50 years later what is the experience of Britain’s ethnic minorities?

Event: Young, Gifted, and Black in Academia
Tuesday 20 October 2-3pm
Hosted by Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa 

This workshop will see Black doctoral students and academics discuss their experiences navigating academic institutions as minorities.

Workshop: The Importance of Self-Care (BAME men and women)
Wednesday 21 October, 1.15-2pm and Wednesday 28 October, 1.15-2pm
Hosted by LSE EmbRace 

Informative and reflective workshop to support BAME staff with developing a personal self-care toolkit. You must be available for both dates to sign up. 

Event: From Stonewall to Black Lives Matter: Examining the Impact of Protests
Wednesday 21 October, 3.30-5pm
Hosted by: LSE Spectrum, LSE Embrace, Imperial as One, Imperial 600 

Join us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UK Gay Liberation Front (GLF) that had its first meeting on LSE's campus in October 1970. 

Film and discussion: Borderline (1930)
Wednesday 21 October, 6.30-7.30pm 
Hosted by Clive Nwonka and Daniel Luther

Join us for this event on LSE alumna Eslanda Robeson and the film Borderline, with discussion about the film and Robeson's activism, co-hosted with LSE EmbRace.

Event: Minds of PoC: Workshop for Black students on mental health and racial injustice
Wednesday 21 October, 2-4pm
Hosted by LSESU

This session explores Black identity at University, vulnerability, the strong Black woman trope, as well as how to support your Black friends and peers.

Event: Black in Law: a conversation
Thursday 22 October, 5.30-6.30pm
Hosted by the Department of Law

Dr Abenaa Owusu-Bempah joins a panel of Black alumni to discuss their career paths and to provide advice to current students. This event is open to all LSE students and staff. Please email law.events@lse.ac.uk for any queries.

LSE Public Event: 100 Great Black Britons discussion with Angelina Osborne Patrick Vernon
Friday 23 October, 1-2pm (registration open 9 October)
Hosted by LSE Embrace

Join us in Black History Month for this event with Angelina Osborne and Patrick Vernon, the authors of 100 Great Black Britons, to celebrate the publication of their new book. 

Event: Policing as a Public Good 
Thursday 22 October, 4-5pm
Hosted by the United States Centre as part of the Phelan Family Lecture Series

In the wake of public criticism of contemporary criminal justice processes in general and of policing specifically, especially in the United States, some critics of these institutions and processes have called for abolition.

Event: Racism, Imperialism and Decolonization in International Relations
Hosted by the Department of International Relations

Why might Black Lives Matter be a subject for scholars of IR or world politics? The panel will address four key questions related to International Relations as a mainstream academic discipline and racialised politics.

Event: In Conversation With Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu
Tuesday 27 October, 1-2pm 
Hosted by LSE and LSESU

To celebrate Black History Month, join us for this conversation between LSE alumna Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu and LSE Director Minouche Shafik.

Closing event: Embrace Black History Month (BHM) take-over of LSE Chill
Friday 30 October 5- 6pm
Hosted by LSE Arts and EmbRace 

EmbRace takes over LSE Chill for a Black History Month special!