About LSE Power

Professional women's network

Our mission

LSE Power aims to engage with professional services staff of all gender groups within LSE to encourage and champion behaviour change and development of School policy towards gender equality.

The School currently suffers from gender inequality at the senior leadership level, with a lack of female representation in high level professional services roles. The LSE Power network is focused on tackling this challenge.

Our activities

  • We work to actively inform changes to LSE policy and culture to bring about greater gender equality, through representation, consultation and monitoring.
  • We provide a forum where members can share their experiences and learn from one another.
  • We encourage members to realise their potential within LSE by providing you with professional development opportunities including training, networking and events.
  • We hold termly events that facilitate the aims of the network and the interests of the members.


To get in contact with the Steering Committee about events and activities, please email us at: Professional.Womens.Network@lse.ac.uk