About Reprographics

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The reprographics team provides a range of printing, copying and finishing work for LSE staff.

Working Hours 

Central Reprographics opening hours are 09:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday although the office is usually attended from 08:30am. At peak times the department may extend these hours to meet demand, which may include weekend working.

There is also a Print & Copy Help Desk in the IMT Walk In Centre (Library 1st Floor) which is open between 09:30 to 19:00. 

Outside Normal Working Hours

Staff working hours and engineer working hours means that we cannot guarantee a continuous service 24 hours a day. Alternative machine locations are posted at general usage copiers so that another machine can quickly be found in the event that a copier should fail.

Service Level Descriptions

For details of the service you can expect when working with Reprographics, please see below:

Service Level Statement

Reprographics turns around almost all print requests within 48 hours, most print requests within 24 hours and often turn around requests on the same day as submission.

However at peak periods turnaround times for larger print runs may be a little longer (up to 3-5 days). We ask that staff try to plan ahead where possible, allowing us extra time.

Please do check with us though when you have a print requests as even at peak periods, we can usually turn around requests within 24 or 48 hours and will always try and accommodate urgent requests.

Service Availability: Outstation and convenience copiers / MFDs service and maintenance 

The Reprographics Department contracts out the photocopier provision across the LSE campus. The priority for this provision is to ensure high quality and continuous photocopying service at all times of year irrespective of level of demand during normal working hours.

The department will ensure that copiers are regularly monitored and paper levels renewed during normal working hours.

Basic problems such as paper jams or unclean copies will be responded to and addressed by Reprographics staff. If a problem can not be solved by our staff, we will place a service call out with the vendors' engineers.

During the peak period an engineer will respond to faults within two hours of reporting a fault to ensure a continuous copier service during peak period working hours.

During the off-peak period an engineer will attend within four hours of reporting a fault during normal working hours.

Calls logged after 3:30pm during peak period and 1:30pm during off-peak period may not be attended until first thing the following working day.

Service Availability: Convenience copier scanning and printing facilities 

Scanning and printing is available on the larger Convenience Copiers. These are the Canon MFDs without a card reader attached. Please contact a member of the Reprographics staff to arrange access to these facilities.

Also please make sure you are aware of copyright law especially where scanning is concerned.


Service Provision

What we do and what we offer

The following are the general services provided by Reprographics:

  • Central Print
  • Self-service copying
  • External printing services
  • Quotations
  • Typesetting (stationery)
  • Job Delivery

'The customer' is defined as LSE staff and/or departments.

Central print

Central Print is all Reprographics work done in the print room area of the Reprographics Department using specialist colour, black & white and finishing equipment.

  • Black & white print done on high speed (100 - 180 pages per minute), high spec Reprographics equipment. Good quality finish.
  • Colour print done on high quality high specification Canon colour equipment. High quality finish.
  • Stationery - Reprographics produces LSE business cards, headed paper and compliment slips.

Self-service copying

This includes outstation and convenience copiers:

  • Outstation copiers are general-usage machines with card readers attached. They are not associated with any specific department. Copier cards are purchased from Reprographics.
  • Convenience copiers are department specific and that department is billed for that machines usage on a monthly basis.

The equipment specification is dependant upon the location and/or the department need.

External printing services

In order to ensure good value for money the Reprographics Department will utilise a number of print sources who can provide better value for money on large print runs.


Reprographics provides quotations for in-house digital printing, large format printing and lithography or specialist printing such as silk screening or foil blocking.

Job Delivery

All jobs (except stationery orders) are specified to be delivered back to the customer across the LSE campus by default. However if a customer has a particular delivery requirement then this can be mutually arranged and agreed with Reprographics.


Recharging is defined as the mechanism by which departments pay Reprographics for services rendered. Recharging is facilitated by means of a departmental budget code. Budget codes should be valid and the person using the budget code must be authorised to do so.

Scope of work: Standard services

Reprographics offers the following specific print services as standard:

  • Black & White print
  • Colour print
  • Binding
  • Photocopying
  • Finishing
  • Professional print advice

Customer Expectations

Customers drive our service and we need to meet their requirements. The Reprographics Department aims to achieve the highest possible customer service provision.

The customers should expect Reprographics to meet the following standards:

  • Be consistent - the departments aims for a consistency in approach in all areas of its service
  • Utilise good communication - we will provide accurate information and advice on all aspects of the Reprographics service provided
  • Transparent recharges and quotes - we will provide clear, transparent costs and quotations with breakdown of cost
  • Transparent and competitive pricing - we will provide clear pricing on all major elements of Reprographics print
  • Positive presence - we have an identifiable brand that enhances the level and quality of services provided at the LSE
  • Proactive consultation - to be aware of staff and departmental requirements and to seek input in order to provide services that departments want
  • Flexibility - Reprographics staff will make all necessary efforts to meet your requirements
  • Confidentiality - Trust is an important part of the Reprographics service. If you have a sensitive document that requires careful printing and handling then Reprographics guarantees that your private print work remains private and will work closely with you to understand and meet your requirements. Such arrangements will be made via the Reprographics Manager.

Resolving Complaints

The Reprographics Department appreciates that there will be times when things don't go quite right.

In order to ensure that such instances are handled quickly and efficiently and to minimise the chance of the same mistakes being made again, customers are asked to contact the Reprographics Manager in the first instance.

However if the complaint is of a sensitive nature then contact the Head of IMT Infrastructure.

Be assured that:

  • Any complaint will be acknowledged within 1 working day
  • Any complaint will be addressed within 3 working days following acknowledgement

And be aware that:

  • The timeframe for solutions relating to any specific complaint will be dependent upon individual circumstances

Environmental Responsibility

The Reprographics Department uses and deploys powerful, high volume equipment across the LSE that requires considerable resources to run effectively.

The department takes measures to minimise the impact on both the environment and to ensure that renewable resources are used wherever possible. The following are carried out as standard within the department:

  • The Reprographics Department environmental policy will be in sync with the LSE environmental strategy.
  • The department will support the efforts of the Environmental and Sustainability Coordinator in order to help raise awareness on environmental issues across the School.
  • Any new equipment will meet industry standard environmental specifications.
  • The department will use recycled paper wherever possible but this will not be to the detriment of quality or equipment efficiency.
  • The department will promote and drive resource and environmental conservation initiatives such as default duplex printing and central collection of print cartridges for recycling.
  • The department aims to use 100% recycled stock. Only where technical issues affecting equipment performance and quality prevent this is non-recycled stock used.
  • The Reprographics Department will actively advertise and promote environmental and resource conservation awareness through such initiatives as Open Days.

Got Feedback?

We wish to continually improve our services. Customers are welcome to leave us feedback using our Feedback Form. Comments can be left anonymously, or if you leave your email address a member of the Reprographics team will respond.