Ordering Stationery

Reprographics can easily produce a number of stationery items.

Staff can order School-branded stationery including letterheads, business cards, compliment slips and LSE envelopes in a variety of sizes. Laminated, colour year planners are also available while masters and PhD students can order student introduction cards. 

Please see below for more information and how to order: 

School stationery

The following can be easily ordered through Eprint:

  • Letterheads
  • Compliment slips (in sets of 500)
  • Business cards (in sets of 200)

All items are compliant with the LSE style guide. A proof will be supplied for approval prior to printing.

For help ordering items through Eprint, see Ordering Stationery box below.


Reprographics can produce generic School envelopes at very competitive prices in three sizes:

  • C4 (order in multiples of 250)
  • C5 (order in multiples of 500)
  • DL (order in multiples of 500)

All sizes are peel and seal envelopes with a minimum shelf life of 12 months. The envelopes have the generic School address on the flap and the LSE logo in the corner. If you would like a departmental address printed on the flap, please contact us.

See prices here (pdf). To order, please email repro.admin@lse.ac.uk with your details and requirements.

Student introduction cards

LSE students (Masters and PhD only) are eligible to order sets of 200 LSE introduction cards. They are priced at £20 for 200 cards and can be ordered online via eshop.lse.ac.uk

Before placing your order, please be sure to read the LSE Business Card Policy for eligibility purposes.

Please note that Undergraduates are not entitled to an LSE business card.

Year Planners

Year planners are supplied as a set of two A3, A4 or A5 cards in colour and laminated. Please ensure that you have a budget account code before ordering.

To order, please download the Year Planner document (pdf) and save somewhere convenient.

  1. Go to Eprint by logging in to LSE For You and in the left-hand menu clicking Reprographics | Eprint
  2. Select Option 2: Upload Documents for Printing
  3. Select the Preferences tab, fill in the information and click Save
  4. Click the Upload tab
  5. Click Select, locate your Year Planner document, click Open | Upload
  6. Click Document Library, select the Year Planner document and click Submit
  7. In the Paper text box, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Year Planner A3, Year Planner A4 or Year Planner A5
  8. In the Copies text box type the number of Year Planners that you require. None of the other fields need to be altered
  9. Click Send | Send Job to Printroom

Ordering via ePrint

Letterheads, compliment slips and business cards can be ordered through ePrint, accessible via LSE For You. Log in with your LSE username and password, then click Reprographics | ePrint on the menu on the left.

Please see the LSE Business Card Policy.

Use ePrint option 1 Order stationery to order letterheads, compliment slips and business cards.


Prices are as follows:

  • One set of 200 business cards = £20
  • One set of 500 compliment slips = £10
  • One set of 500 letterheads = £15

Using the simple interface the items can be ordered in a few minutes. When you click Continue to order stationery you will see the main stationery ordering form.


Once you are satisfied all of your details are entered and correct you will need to submit the form. This will then be received in Reprographics and a proof will be emailed to you for approval. Please check the proof details thoroughly before approving for print as mistakes that are spotted after the job is printed can result in the job being double charged.

Currently double-sided business cards can only be ordered by emailing repro.admin@lse.ac.uk and cost £30.00 for one set of 200 cards.

Jobs will usually be ready for collection/delivery in approximately seven days from submission.