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Head of Environmental Sustainability, Charles Joly

CLM 4.11 (remote working), 020 7106 3746,

Leads the sustainability team overseeing the implementation of strategy and delivery of services across campus and residences.  

• Sustainable LSE consultation 

More about our Head of Environmental Sustainability

I lead the Sustainability team, 6 of us altogether. The team works hard to improve the environmental performance of LSE and embedding sustainable practices, working closely with staff and students. I engage with a varied range of stakeholders across the School to raise the profile of sustainability, and ensure I gather diverse views to inform our approach. 

I am responsible for the delivery of the sustainability programme, ensuring the School sets itself suitably ambitious targets and coordinating delivery.

In my spare time I enjoy DIY, indoor climbing and the great outdoors (walking, cycling, kayaking and more).




Residences Sustainability Officer, Dan Reeves

CLM 4.11 (remote working), 020 7107 5397,

Embeds sustainability across LSE’s managed halls of residence.  

• Reduce the Juice in halls 

• ReLove in halls

• Sustainable Projects Fund 

More about our Residences Sustainability Officer

I work with the eight LSE-managed halls to embed sustainability within them. One of the largest engagement programmes is the University of London’s “Reduce the Juice” (nothing to do with drinking!) which is a friendly inter-hall competition to save ‘Energy’, ‘Waste’ and ‘Water’. 

I am also heavily involved with working with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) on the end of year ‘Relove’ collections, where we divert items that may have been thrown out to the BHF. Last year this totalled 9.6 tonnes or items worth around £16,800 for BHF! 

I get to work on a really diverse range of projects within sustainability, and one of my favourite aspects has to be biodiversity in the form of the LSE Bees!




Sustainability Projects Officer, Elena Rivilla-Lutterkort

CLM 4.11 (remote working), 020 7107 5168,

Responsible for projects including our environmental and energy management systems. 

• Management systems 

• Annual Reports 

• Responsible procurement

More about our Sustainability Projects Officer

I manage LSE’s ISO 14001 and 50001 certified environment and energy systems as well as embedding sustainability into organisational learning. Check out our new Introduction to Sustainability at LSE e-module on Moodle! I also support the Head of Sustainability, making sure everything is running smoothly. Preparing papers and data analysis for various committees; dealing with external enquiries. 

I’ve previously combined my role with teaching MSc students at Imperial College and Birkbeck College on sustainability in practice and soil science, but I’m focusing more this year on juggling LSE work with parenthood (go eco-mums!) 

In my non-existent free time, I’m a musician, avid reader and hiker; dabbling in urban vegetable gardens. 



Emeline Sztrakos

Carbon Reduction Manager, Emeline Sztrakos

CLM 3.07 (remote working), 020 7107 5390,

Responsible for carbon, energy and water management for LSE. 

• Carbon management

• Energy management 

• Water management

More about our Carbon Reduction Manager

I oversee the carbon management for LSE from delivering energy efficiency projects to procuring energy contracts and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

I am also in charge of water management and water contracts for the School.




Sustainability Engagement Officer, Scarlet Prentice

CLM 4.11 (remote working), 020 7106 1177,

Coordinates sustainability communication and engagement with the LSE community. 

• Green Impact scheme

• Green Flash newsletter 

• Our StudentHubTwitter and Facebook

More about our Sustainability Engagement Officer

I manage the LSE Green Impact Programme, encouraging staff and students to embed sustainable practices within their own offices and roles.

I also manage our communications channels and deliver a range of projects and events, including Dr. Bike sessions, LSESU collaborations and more!



position vacant silhouette

Waste and Resources Officer, position vacant

Contact details: CLM 4.11, 020 7106 1135

Drives sustainable waste and resources management at LSE. 

 Waste & Resources initiatives 

More about our Waste and Resources Officer

position vacant