Case Studies

These case studies illustrate the breadth of work undertaken across LSE Research and Innovation, which encompasses research support services, academic consultancy, research innovation, and entrepreneurship.

We engage with academics, researchers and entrepreneurs to apply their expertise to real-world issues and contribute to LSE’s mission for the betterment of society.
Case Study_Dr Oppel

Supporting Early Career Researchers: Annalena Oppel’s Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship 

Team: LSE Research Support

With the guidance of LSE Research Support, Annalena Oppel was awarded a prestigious Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship in the 2022 round...

Case Study_Prof Shah

Supporting Impact: Professor Alpa Shah’s ERC Public Engagement with Research Award

Team: LSE Research Support

Professor Alpa Shah - with the excellent support of LSE’s Research Policy and Research Development Teams - won the 2022 European Research Council (ERC) Public Engagement with Research Award...

Case Study_Culturalytik

Culturalytik: A Full-Service Cultural Diversity Measurement, Analysis, and Behavioural Science Intervention

Team: LSE Innovation

Dr Michael Muthukrishna has developed a novel way to measure and analyse cultural diversity, connecting these to cultural evolutionary behavioural science interventions...

Case Study_CODES

CODES: A Revolutionary Approach to Democratic Engagement

Team: LSE Innovation

In times of declining legitimacy of political systems and increasing citizen dissatisfaction, LSE's Professor Michael Bruter and Dr Sarah Harrison have developed a technology-enabled solution to revolutionise the democratic processes...

Case Study_Pharmovo

LSE Student on a Mission to Reduce £400M of Pharmaceutical Waste in the UK

Team: LSE Generate

Pharmovo, an LSE start-up, is a technology-enabled solution which allows users to sell their near-to-expiry pharmaceuticals to other users, thereby tackling medicine waste in the UK and beyond... 

Case Study_CauliBox

LSE Start-up on a Mission to Save 15M Single-use Takeaway Containers Every Year

Team: LSE Generate

An award-winning UK’s first technology-enabled reusable container scheme, CauliBox, is aiming to disrupt the disposable food packaging market...

Case Study_Healthcare

How the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs Improved the Efficiency of its Social Insurance and Healthcare System

Team: LSE Consulting

LSE Professor Elias Mossialos led a project reviewing the fairness and efficiency of Austria’s social insurance and healthcare system, which is estimated to save the government £1 billion by 2023...  

Case Study_Arla Foods

How Arla Foods UK was Able to Anticipate the Post-Brexit Changes to the Dairy Sector

Team: LSE Consulting

A research analysis into the potential impacts of Brexit on the UK’s dairy sector, led by Dr Jan Bakker, enabled Arla Foods UK to anticipate the short- and long-term changes to the UK diary sector...



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