Schools Programme

Our mentorship programme for schools in collaboration with OakNorth

In partnership with LSE alumni founded OakNorth, LSE Generate have developed a variety of programmes for schools, focussed on mentor-driven entrepreneurship - 'Mentorpreneurship’ - empowering students with essential skills for their long-term success and personal growth.

We believe it is paramount for young people to develop an entrepreneurial mindset,  to thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing workplace, whilst making a positive contribution to society. 


Our programmes promote:

  • Innovation and Problem Solving - thinking creatively to find innovative solutions to real-world problems. 

  • Adaptability - ideating, testing assumptions and iterating to develop a project from an initial idea 

  • Resilience - learning to cope with failures and setbacks, common entrepreneurial endeavours! 

  • Leadership & Teamwork - working effectively to make decisions, delegate tasks and motivate team members towards a common goal. 

  • Communication – employing  storytelling techniques to engage an audience, delivering a pitch with clarity and conviction.

Since launching the programme in August 2021, we have reached thousands of students and engaged them in a diverse range of events. 


We have partnered with schools including: 

  • Girl's Day School Trust - 20 schools across the country as part of their LEAD Programme 

  • City of London School for Girls 

  • Queen Elizabeth's School, High Barnet 

  • Godolphin & Laytmer

These partnerships range from stand-alone events to tailor-made six month programmes, with participants working towards a final Demo Day. Guided by our online curriculum, resources, mentor support and with a strong focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, students pitch their product to a panel of investors and founders. Throughout the programme, students work with LSE alumni entrepreneurs, industry experts and LSE academics, participating in interactive and inspirational sessions. We have worked with both primary and secondary school students from ages 10 -18, with events ranging from single classes to over 250 participants. 

Bootcamps and workshops are held in our innovation hub, The GenDen, LSE Generate’s co-working space in the heart of the university campus, which accommodates 100 students. We are also able to deliver sessions within a school setting.

For more information on our programmes, please contact Alice Eddie, LSE Generate Schools and Community manager on