Welcome to The GenDen

Our brand new, awe-inspiring, fully kitted coworking space is now open for business!

Entrepreneurs thrive in creative spaces and being part of an entrepreneurial community is vital for growing your venture


If you need some space to work and are looking for an inspiring environment to do so, we've got your back! 

The GenDen

It's brand new. It's fully kitted. It's exceptionally cosy. It's the perfect area to engage with the LSE entrepreneurial community. In short... there really is no better place to work!

Good to know before you go:

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We are now located on campus!

LSE Generate
Ground Floor, St Clement’s Building
Houghton St

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Open from 10am to 5pm every Monday to Friday.

It's a first come, first served basis. To get access to our booking system, please register with LSE Generate here and you will receive a booking link shortly.


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It's free to use, also for your co-founders! Even if you only have one LSE founder in your team, you're all welcome. Just let us know you'll be coming in, and share the details of your team members.

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Free coffee, tea and fruit provided by LSE alumni businesses and social enterprises, such as Jungle Brew, Edenera, Moyyero, and Oddbox! 

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An exceptionally happy, inspiring place to work with cosy lamps, quirky furniture, free to use kitchen and LOTS of space!


External Coworking Spaces

Below you find some external coworking spaces we have previously partnered with, or might just be right up your street:


  • The Wing - A growing community of women across the country and globe, gathering together to work, connect, and thrive. 
  • WeWork Aldwych - The closest WeWork to LSE Campus, they also host free events.
  • The Conduit - A home for a diverse community of people passionate about driving positive impact. 

    Reopening in Covent Garden - Summer 2021
  • Impact Hub - A membership community of entrepreneurs, activists and creatives taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.
  • Second Home - A creative workspace and cultural venue with purpose.


The Coworking Manifesto

Welcome, all (no ifs or buts). Make yourself at home!  Pop the kettle on. Share everything.  Eat the cake. Bake a cake. Offset it with wonky fruit. Stay for Friday drinks. Ideate, understand the cause of things, create, listen to the experts but follow your gut, build, fail elegantly and freely, tell someone you failed, tell someone you like their work, learn, create some more and inspire and impact a world that is screaming out for you, your story and your business.

A community of innovators who see something that doesn’t seem right; who see it, say it, and then solve it. Your time is now, and we’ve got your back!  Transactional or transformative, never emerge from this place without a new story to tell.  Mute the fake noos with authenticity and vulnerability. Care for your peers. 

Hit the gong. Then hit the road. For the betterment of society.