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elleSE is our pioneering programme aimed at young women entrepreneurs who are creating global impact businesses across the world. The initiative supports early-stage women innovators build and scally socially-driven businesses that contribute to the "betterment of society".

In the knowledge that women innovators are essential to a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, we've created and curated a programme that supports our incredible women founders here at the School. 

Students and alumni can access a unique all-year round offering that includes skills development programmes, coding schools, female-founder accelerator streams, investor introductions, pitching practices, retreats, mentoring, Founderships (entrepreneurial grants for women Founders) and a host of digital resources.  We aim to replicate the elleSE support programme across our international chapters in Chengdu, Mumbai, LA, NY, Africa, Lisbon and other hubs that we aim to build across the next five years! 

Within our acceleration programmes we will have specific support for our women founders that will include business bootcamps, skills-shares, mentoring and coaching, financial support and co-Founder support.

What we offer

We aim to support women students as they launch and scale their socially impactful start-up. With a team of thought-leaders, academics, and business practitioners, we provide female founders with:

  • Funding
  • Tailored mentoring
  • Specialised workshops
  • Coworking space
  • Access to investors
  • Online and in-person support

elleSE Series

Get inspired by the stories of amazing female innovators:


Dream Big Series

We are delighted to be teaming up with a whole host of amazing female leaders and innovators who are going to be reading tales of entrepreneurs - past and present - who inspire and encourage us all to dream big!


The Idealists

What kind of visionary are you? In this insightful bi-monthly podcast, entrepreneur and host Melissa Kiguwa spans the globe interviewing the world's most audacious, idealistic women to learn what wisdom they’ve gleaned on their journey. On this podcast, tap into your inner visionary while being inspired to dream bigger. THE IDEALISTS. is sponsored by elleSE, the London School of Economics Generate Accelerator for Women Founders. 


Get involved

Generate always loves to hear from female mentors, speakers and workshop leaders, as well as female investors who would be interested in supporting female LSE student and alumni entrepreneurs build successful and sustainable businesses here in the UK and beyond.

Please do get in touch!