Success Stories

Meet our LSE Generate entrepreneurs! Read their story about how they created impact through innovative business ideas. 

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Bonnie Chiu

Bonnie Chiu 
Co-founder and CEO, Lensational

Lensational is non-profit social enterprise which aims to empower marginalised women by equipping them with cameras and photography training.

Besides being co-founder and CEO of Lensational, she is also the Managing Director of The Social Investment Consultancy, an international consulting firm that helps charities and businesses maximise their social impact.

She holds an MSc International Relations at LSE, and has just been awarded Young Achiever of the Asian Women of Achievement Award and Forbes 30 under 30. 



Cody Dodd
Co-founder, PigeonLine

PigeonLine is an enterprise grade analytics platform that automates reporting and provides streamlined benchmarking services for businesses.

PigeonLine was accepted into the Dubai Futures Accelerator in 2018 and finished the programme awarded top of cohort.

Cody is currently undertaking his Doctorate in Management: Information Systems & Innovation at LSE.



Iliana Zuluaga Vega
Co-founder, Basilissa

Basilissa is a luxury fashion house producing exclusive capsule collections of products produced with 100% vicuna fur.

Basilissa prioritises sustainability and works to support local communities in Peru through the ritual shearing process for the Vicuna hair, while also supporting conservation efforts for the Vicuna.

Iliana completed her MSc in Global Media and Communications in 2015, and is a previous winner of the Generate programme.



Ruba Huleihel
Co-founder, Birdsong

Birdsong is an ethical fashion marketplace that supports women who have experienced barriers in creating and selling their products and uses the untapped skill of women’s organisations as their supply chain.

Birdsong raised over £80k in crowdfunding when they initially launched.


Tim Brown

Tim Brown
Co-founder, Allbirds

Allbirds is an innovative and sustainable footwear company.

Having recently sold its millionth pair of shoes this year, Allbirds has just opened its first UK store in Covent Garden and has raised over $17.5 million dollars in investment to date.



Alex Weidauer
Co-founder, Rasa

Rasa is a conversational artificial intelligence company for enterprise.

Its open source platform helps developers build intelligent bots and assistants, providing access to a range of machine learning libraries for language understanding and dialogue management.


Jason Burchard

Jason Burchard
Co-founder, Rootnote

Rootnote is a Nashville-based company that builds, supports, and invests in musician-owned companies.

The company projects investing $30K in each of three Artist-led businesses in 2018, in exchange for minority shares of equity in each. The company then plans to add four new co's to its portfolio in 2019, while its five-year plan calls for a total 37 investments.

Jason Burchard is Entrepreneur of the Year 2017.



Denis Konoplev and Felix Neufelder
Co-founders, is a revolutionising Artificial Intelligence platform for the construction industry that helps businesses and workers track progress, detect anomalies and optimise workflow. 

Denis Konoplev and Felix Neufelder are Entrepreneurs of the Year 2016.


Susan and Tara postcard

Tara Chandra and Susan Allen
Co-founders, Flo

Flo are feminine hygiene products for women on their period, but with a difference.

Tara and Susan wanted to create feminine hygiene products that were accessible, affordable and eco-friendly.

They now have multiple products, have had major press coverage in publications like Glamour, ELLE, Popsugar and the Independent, offer their ‘FLO-matic subscription service’ and are currently stocked in WH Smiths.



Toby Cokcayne
Co-founder, InfloAi

InfloAI is a content curation platform that helps businesses discover, publish and monetise relevant third-party content.

The team currently works with a number of brands and publishers looking to engage and monetise their followings.

Toby Cokcayne is Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.


Jaron soh

Jaron Soh
Co-founder, Artisan & Fox

Artisan & Fox is a social enterprise that connects artisans across the Majority World to international markets through its online marketplace.

Artisan & Fox works with handworkers in developing regions that lack access to international markets, either due to policy bottlenecks or the lack of infrastructure locally.

They believe that e-commerce is an important tool for the development and economic growth for the countries that we operate in, but understand that at the same time, the global retail industry is riddled with human rights violations and environmental issues.

They are on a mission to redefine the way global retail works, by investing in local artisans, overcoming market barriers, and helping them grow their micro-enterprises.



Pavlina Dragnova
Co-founder, Ally Chatbot

Ally Chatbot is an AI-powered chatbot that helps citizens access information and advice through their phones.

In doing so, they support housing associations, councils and charities to provide modern and reliable assistance for vulnerable residents. 

Pavlina Dragnova is currently studying a Master of Law at LSE.