What to do if you have a query or complaint, or would like to appeal a decision we've made

Let us know if you're not happy with our service, so we can put things right

​Find out more about the service you can expect from us and what to do if we've fallen short of your expectations. This page also explains more about your right to a quality home and what to do if you want to appeal a disciplinary decision we've made.

​Our service charter

We want to provide you with clean, safe, and secure accommodation and catering in a friendly and customer-focused environment. Our service charter sets out what service you can expect from us.
See: LSE Accommodation Service Charter [PDF] 

Complaints procedure

If you think we've fallen short of your expectations, we'd like to hear from you. Our complaints procedures shows how we're pledging to resolve issues. 

We'd like to ask you to follow the process, to ensure your complaint is dealt with in the most appropriate way.
See: LSE Residences Complaints Procedure [PDF] 

Your right to a quality home and how to appeal against a decision we've made

Your right to a quality home

To help us maintain and monitor our services, our halls signed up to the codes for student accommodation. To read a summary about what this means for you, download: The Student Accommodation Code leaflet [PDF]

If you're not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, they will provide you with the next steps. 




If you're in LSE halls, visit: Student Accommodation Code (UUK Code)



If you're in urbanest, Sanctuary Students or Unite halls, visit: National Code assured accommodation (ANUK/Unipol)

Appeal a disciplinary decision we've made 

If you are unhappy with a decision we made, you have the right to appeal. For more details, visit The Student Accommodation Disciplinary Code [PDF].

Appeals procedure and schedule

How to make an appeal

  • contact the Head of Residential Life or their nominee within two weeks of receipt of a decision under the Licence Agreement and Residences Regulations
  • set out your appeal in writing and provide supporting evidence

For Residential Life contact details, visit: RCSD people and teams

How we assess your appeal

The Head of Residential Life or their nominee will hear your appeal by reviewing the relevant paperwork. Appeals are generally heard and a decision made on the following grounds:

  • i) the procedure and process was not conducted in accordance with the Licence Agreement and Residence Regulations;
  • ii) new and compelling evidence has become available which was not, and could not, have reasonably made available at the time the case was considered, and
  • iii) the penalty imposed is disproportionate to the breach.

What happens next

You will receive a decision within ten working days of receipt of the appeal. Decisions made under the right of appeal procedure are final.

General comments and suggestions

We welcome any comments and suggestions about our services. Please contact us using the button below. 

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