An Introduction to Enhanced Course Guides


What ECGs are

Enhanced course guides (ECGs) are published in the LSE Calendar and aim to improve the information available to students. They contain all of the standard course information, e.g. teacher responsible, availability, content, teaching, assessment, etc. as well as additional information for some departments about student performance data, averaged across a three-year period.

UG and PGT course guide data

UG teachers will be invited to comment - where relevant - on student performance data from 2016/17 to 2018/19.

However, the PGT student performance data - where relevant - will be one year in arrears given the timing of the autumn exam boards. Teachers will be asked to comment on the period 2015/16 to 2017/18. Should teachers wish to comment on performance data from 2018/19, we would suggest using the ‘Teacher’s comments’ section to do so.

Further information about updating ECGs

Opting in or out of publishing student performance data

Instructions for staff

Academic Unit Managers and CAPIS managers should read the Student performance data department opt out (PDF) for detailed instructions about how to opt out of publishing student performance data, as well as how to update settings to opt back in.

Student Performance data is published by default for all courses, but departments may decide to opt out of publishing student performance data for their courses. This decision can be made on a department-wide basis only and not for specific courses or sets of courses only.

Tables showing student performance data will still be shown on the ‘Teacher Comments and Permissions’ page in CAPIS for those departments that have decided not to include this information.  This information is included for illustrative purposes only, and will not be published.  These ECG tables will not be viewable by students.

Some courses in departments that have decided to include student performance data in their course guides have less than three years’ worth of data (e.g. if the course is new).  For these courses, the teacher responsible will be invited to indicate whether an average based on the existing data should be displayed in the online course guide.  

Updating teacher comments and permissions

Instructions for staff

Academic staff, CAPIS managers and editors should read the Teacher comments and permissions user guide (PDF) for detailed instructions about how to update teacher comments and permissions for the publication of course survey results and student performance data.

Teacher’s comments

Where relevant, teachers may provide contextual commentary on the student performance results for their courses, which will be displayed in the course guide. Comments may also address other relevant points, e.g. recent changes to the course made in response to student feedback; specific teaching and learning support offered on the course; the course's position in the wider programme; external examiner comments, etc. Providing these comments is optional, but is highly recommended.

Please be vigilant against typographical, grammatical and spelling errors.

The School also expects that staff will take all reasonable steps to ensure the currency and accuracy of any comments, opinions, information or statements which they give or make for publication in their course guides; and that any comments etc. published on the site are not, or cannot be reasonably construed as, abusive, discriminatory, libellous, misrepresentative or fraudulent.  In the event that staff publish comments etc. which are or which could reasonably be regarded as in breach of these requirements or of any of the School’s policies, codes or procedures, the School may remove them without notice. 


The 'Teacher Comments and Permissions' page for each of your courses will need to be updated via CAPIS by Tuesday 13th August 2019. Further information will be distributed in due course. If pages are not submitted by this date, course guides will be published with default information (e.g. without the 'opt in' information).

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