How to make hydrating yourself interesting

Adding mint or crushed basil is a great way to upgrade the taste of water

Time and again we're reminded about the importance of drinking enough water. We promise ourselves to make it happen, yet we we often completely neglect it.

For the ones for who think plain, boring H2O just doesn't cut it, we have a few tips to make drinking water delicious and a tad more interesting (maybe this time you'll chug down 8 glasses per day!).

Infusion transfusion

You can use cute water infusers for this or just cut up some fruit and let their goodness seep into the water for some time. Citrus fruit, such as limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruits are especially popular, but just about any fruit works.

Juice it

Spiking water with a bit of fruit juice is another simple way of adding a touch of flavour and colour to it. Again, any fruit juice will work as a good base, but tart juices such as cranberry, pomegranate, grape, and apple are particularly delicious.

Ice ice baby 

Some simply prefer ice water to room temperature water. You can make it all the more appealing by adding flavoured ice cubes - think mint, cucumber, fruit or basil.
Pro tip: use cute ice trays with fun shapes in stars, hearts, or even cacti.


What is tea but flavoured water? There are countless flavours in the market so you're bound to find something you like. To get you started, try herbal, fruit, green, white, or red teas.

Steep herbs

It's kind of like making a mojito, minus the sugar and alcohol. Adding mint or crushed basil is a great way to upgrade the taste of water. Add herbs of your choice to your pitcher and leave it overnight for it to work best.

Spice it up

Literally! You can simmer a cinnamon stick in water and then use the liquid as a concentrate to mix with cold water and ice. It tastes great but also comes with a host of health benefits.

Fast flavour

A quick and easy way to punch up its flavour is to add flavour boosters, sugar-free drink mixes and flavour cartridges.


Written by LSE Social Media Ambassador Nafisa Singh.