Sofia Poni

Sofia Poni

Economic Adviser, UK Civil Service

MSc in Political Economy of Europe, 2014

Why did you choose LSE, and why did you choose your programme of study?

LSE is a worldwide known institution for studying economics - I knew it would open a lot of doors for me and give me a unique way of thinking so that I could make an impact in my career.

Overall, how do you look back on your LSE experience?

LSE isn't just a place to learn but more importantly to meet incredible people who will change your life, either as friends, professors, mentors or professional contacts. All the best people are gathered here!

Please describe your career path to date:

I joined the UK Civil Service Analytical Fast Stream as an economist, starting at the Department for Work and Pensions. I was then promoted to Economic Adviser within two years and am now working on the analysis of the UK labour market.

Why did you choose your current job?

For me, knowing that your job has an impact on the real world is one of the key drivers of job satisfaction, so I wanted to work either in government or NGOs. The Civil Service offers great opportunities for economists to stay close enough to pure economic theory, while applying their skills in the most real way possible.

Tell us about your current job:

My current job above all entails communicating complex concepts to audiences that have different backgrounds and perspectives. My team performs extensive modelling of the labour market at a macro and micro level and we work across government to ensure the impacts on the labour market are part of various EU exit considerations.

What advice do you have for LSE students who are looking to enter a similar profession to you?

If there's one thing LSE will teach you it's to always have an opinion and express it with impact. Make the most of it because this is crucial in any job, but is especially important when you're communicating with people who have a different background to you - for example as a civil service analyst communicating with a minister.

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