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The coding challenge gave me the opportunity to implement realistic market making strategies based on the Black-Scholes model I had previously studied in a theoretical way. The environment provided let room for creativeness, being able to try out my own ideas on a simulated exchange benefits to my understanding of the markets. Department of Finance. Sylvain Girard

News and upcoming events

The Digital Skills Lab run a number of different events throughout the year. 

There will be the opportunity to join two different coding challenges with industry partners Celonis and Optiver.

See below for more information and how you can sign up.

Celonis Masterclass: Michaelmas 2022

3 Week Masterclass – Data-Driven Management & Digital Consulting with Celonis

Learn together with Germany’s and New York’s most valuable startup Celonis what the Management of tomorrow will look like in a world that is more digitized than ever. Celonis helps organizations track their internal processes based on digital footprints in IT systems. With this Celonis has turned into the market leader for Executive Management Technology with customers like Unilever, Coca Cola or BMW. Celonis uses Process Mining technology as well as different AI and ML capabilities to reveal insights into what is happening in an organization and to provide direct recommendations.

In this Mastercourse you will learn about trends in Digital Transformation and Data Driven Management and how process-oriented data science can facilitate an analytical viewpoint internal organizations. You will furthermore gain business user skills the Celonis software and how to use it in a management and management consulting context.

Why participate in this Management Consulting masterclass?

  • Develop your consulting skill-set

  • Position yourself to provide consulting services

  • Gain skills to solve real-world challenges for companies

  • Study the impact of processes on businesses

  • Challenge yourself and delve into the world of management consulting

Target audience

Open to everyone interested in data science and its impact on business. Suitable from undergraduates to researchers, and anyone in between.


No prerequisites. An understanding of information systems and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) can provide a good basis, but this is not a requirement.


A kick-off workshop will be held live via Zoom on Wednesday 23 November. 

Self-paced online learning: starting  23 November to 14 December 2022. 

Participants can receive a certificate of successful completion for the masterclass.

Content Overview 

Week 1: 

  • Kick-Off Workshop (live online wth Celonis )

  • Start of Online Training with Theory Introduction to Process Mining and Celonis Software Training

Week 2: 

  • Celonis Software Training

  • Introduction to Business Case “Pizzeria Mamma Mia” 

Week 3:

  • Deadline for Business Case Pizzeria Mamma Mia 

  • Process Mining and Prediction

This masterclass will run as a joint initiative of the LSE Digital Skills Lab, the LSE Data Science Institute and Celonis.


LSE students: secure your place now via the Training and Development System. Make sure you are logged in with your LSE credentials to book. 


Python coding Challenge: Lent 2023

Python coding Challenge: Lent Term 2023

This Coding Challenge really was a rewarding experience! It makes you think outside the box and pushes you to learn more about how you can independently apply Python to your individual tasks. - Sita

The Digital Skills Lab are excited to announce an ongoing partnership with LSE Careers and international market maker Optiver for the Lent 2023 Python Coding Challenge.  

As with the Michaelmas term 2022 coding challenge, participants will focus on options trading in financial services, utilising a cutting-edge virtual exchange developed by market maker Optiver. Eligible participants will work in teams to develop trading algorithms in Python, testing and then optimising the algorithm's performance to achieve the best possible trading outcome. Participants from the Michaelmas 2022 challenge are welcome to join again this term, as the competition will focus on a different aspect of options trading.

Lectures and workshops will be held in-person on the LSE campus.

The Challenge will be launched by Optiver on 17th January 2023 and is open to all LSE students who complete the pre-requisite Python training and register their interest by 7th January 2023. 

All eligible participants will receive a confirmation email which will include an invitation to the kickoff event on Zoom.  Teams will be allocated by 17th January 2023 and will have until 10th February 2023 to complete their algorithms. The trading competition will take place on 10th February and teams must then submit a recorded presentation about their work to the judging panel by 20th February 2023.  Prizes will be given at a virtual award ceremony taking place on 15th – 17th March 2023.

If you want to take part, you can get started by completing the pre-requisite training and registering for the Challenge on the Digital Skills Lab Moodle site.

Students who have already completed the Dataquest training within the last 6 months will be eligible. Also, students who completed the Dataquest training over 6 months ago, or who feel they have the required skills but haven’t done the training, should get in touch with and we will contact them about their eligibility.

Not sure if it’s for you? Check out the results and presentations from the participants of the Python Coding Challenge: Michaelmas 2021

If you have another idea for a coding challenge you would like us to help develop, please do get in touch by emailing us at