Resources by topic

From this page you can browse our teaching and learning resources by topic. 

If you know the title of the resource you are looking for you may find the A to Z listing more useful.

  • Assessment and feedback 

    including assessment toolkit, advice on providing effective feedback and strategies for evaluating your teaching.

  • Pedagogies and strategies

    including active pedagogies, enquiry-based learning, working with students as partners and peer learning.

  • Curriculum design and enrichment

    including new course/programme design, connecting teaching and research, object-based learning and field trips

  • Technology-enhanced learning

    including guidance for using Office 365 apps and reports on the LSE Trailblazers      project

  • Journeys and junctures - coming soon!

    including starting out in teaching, studying for your PG Cert HE, career development through the HEA Fellowship scheme and becoming a course convenor

  • Audiences and contexts - coming soon!

    including accessibility, inclusive teaching, encouraging participation, managing groupwork and making the most of lecture recording.