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Teaching and research are the most enjoyable aspects of my academic life, and through the research internship scheme I would be able to do both during summer time. 

More from Dr George Tzougas on supervising undergraduate internships


Research is being increasingly recognised as a fantastic way to support undergraduate learning. LSE 2030 is committing to “embed enquiry-based learning and research practice at every level”.

LSE has always enabled students to learn from top researchers, but also brings research into teaching in other ways: teaching students about research methods, or enabling students to conduct research of their own.

One example is the programme design of the BSc Psychological and Behavioural Science.  Theory and research are fully integrated: research debates and questions of methodology are raised in theoretical courses, and the courses that teach methods and statistics allow students to investigate the phenomena discussed elsewhere. You can see more about this interconnected programme in this Offer Holder’s Day film (from 6:00 onwards).

Undergraduates at LSE want opportunities to get involved in research. The student pages on this site have materials including: extra-curricular research projects; internships and assistantships; dissemination routes, publications and considerations. Please share these pages with your academic mentees and any other interested students. 

Support for staff

The LSE Eden Centre can help academics develop undergraduate research: 

  • Providing support for expanding the research activities in undergraduate courses
  • Supporting academics in developing extra-curricula activities, including internships and assistantships by offering guidance, and connecting you with experienced colleagues 

Contact your Eden Centre departmental adviser with any enquiries.

Resources for staff

The staff section of this site will continue to grow, showcasing examples and guidance from around the school. Please contact us at the Eden Centre if you have experience or materials to share, from research-informed teaching, assessing student research, undergraduate internships, or any other aspect of your practice.