Fixed-term opportunities to broaden your knowledge and skills


Fixed-term career development opportunities for staff


The School supports and promotes secondments as career development opportunities for professional services staff. When properly managed, secondments benefit everyone involved. Individuals benefit from the opportunity of undertaking a different role for a significant period of time and developing new skills and knowledge that can in turn benefit them in their substantive role. Managers benefit from being able to address resourcing gaps and from working with motivated employees who are looking to develop their careers. The School, as a whole, also benefits from the sharing of skills and the greater strategic flexibility that this sharing brings. 


What is a secondment?

A secondment is a temporary move to cover another role, with the expectation that the individual will usually return to their substantive role when the secondment ends.


What guidance is available about secondments? 

On the right side of this page, you will find links to practical tips and advice on the recruitment and management of secondments. This guidance isn't intended to be too prescriptive or exhaustive - at the same time, following the advice here will help to ensure that the process of applying for and working a secondment is fair, consistent and effective. 


How to Apply

The recruitment of secondments is usually via the School's e-Recruitment system


Further questions

Please contact your HR Partner or Adviser if you have any queries about the application or management of secondments.