Planning Your Recruitment

Guidance in this section of the toolkit will help you create a plan for your recruitment.


The guidance in this section provides an overview of what good practice recommends, our legal obligations, and practical tips on how to prepare for your recruitment. 

Planning Your Recruitment

Developing a plan for your recruitment that considers the complete process from start to end, can help you in achieving successful outcomes.

Download the Planning Your Recruitment guide here.

Recruitment Planner

This excel document provides an example of how long a recruitment campaign may take. As hiring managers you can use this as a timeline calculator, to help with your recruitment planning.

Download the Recruitment Planner here.

Panel Composition

A selection panel incorporates all staff who contribute to the assessment of candidates and decision-making for a particular opportunity at the School. 

Getting a diverse team together and ensuring everyone involved has a good level of input in decision making is a key element of a successful selection process. 

Download the Panel Composition guide here.