Summer Wellbeing Series

find the wellbeing activities that work for you

This summer, we're building upon the success of previous years (including the 'Get Active' Festivals in 2019 and 2020) with the Summer Wellbeing Series. During the month of August, you can sign up for a range of different wellbeing activities. We've even organised special Kids' Workout sessions so that children can join in! 

These activities are online so that you can get involved whether you're working on or off campus. We've also tried to arrange activities at different times of the working day so that as many staff as possible have the chance to sign up, no matter what your personal circumstances are. 

In addition to promoting the Summer Wellbeing Series in Staff News, we'll also be giving shout-outs for activities throughout August via the LSE Tree. If you've not already signed up, the LSE Tree is the School's premier Teams group for strictly non-work discussion. Whether you're looking for that extra motivation to keep on top of your fitness this summer, looking to swop wellbeing tips, or would just like to catch up with colleagues, the LSE Tree is the place for all this - and much more.

Join the DR ME whole body health workshops

10.00 - 11.00am Tuesday 10 August

10.00 - 11.00am Tuesday 24 August

Over the past 18 months health has been at the forefront of all of our minds. Having spent her lifetime supporting individuals to feel energised, strong and in control of their life, Claire Willsher continues to passionately educate people about the benefits of whole-body health through personalised one-to-one coaching and workshops. Health can be influenced in a number of ways and Claire particularly focuses on diet, resilience, mindset and exercise (DR ME).

In this DR ME two-workshop series for LSE staff, attendees will be inspired to make changes to support whole body health. In the first session you will learn how to make small tweaks to eat healthier, prioritise your sleep, embrace a positive mindset and move your bodies more. From the practical tips you'll gain in this workshop, you will be asked to set yourself a goal to implement ahead of the second session where you'll regroup to review progress and delve deeper into the areas of diet, resilience, mindset and exercise. You will be provided with resources created by Claire to keep you accountable to your goal between the two sessions and to support you going forwards.

Join Claire for these interactive and engaging workshops by clicking here.

Restore your balance with Selfless Self-Care workshops

Training session: 10am - 12pm Wednesday 4 August

Follow-up self-care circle: 10.00 - 11.00am Wednesday 18 August

This mini-series of workshops are designed to appeal to anyone who wishes to improve their enjoyment of life and work, build resilience, manage stress better and develop a specific self-care plan. The first session will cover the psychology of self-care and it’s importance in burnout prevention. This workshop is then followed up by a self-care coaching circle where you can help make sense of your experiences in a safe, confidential space. You will also learn how to embed practical habits to develop resilience and improve your overall wellbeing leading to a healthier, happier life.

You will:

  • Learn what self-care is and how to integrate it into your life
  • Learn what burnout looks like and how to prevent it
  • Discover any mental blocks you might have and how to challenge unhelpful thinking
  • Learn how mindful living can help you increase your emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Evaluate your coping strategies and identify areas for improvement
  • Develop a personalised self-care plan
  • Build social support in your network

Please click here to request a place in these workshops.

Stretch yourself with a range of online fitness classes

Back by popular demand, this August sees more online Body Balance and Body Conditioning classes. What's more, we've added new activities this time, so that you can try something different and see what works best for you wellbeing-wise. 

Please click on the links below to book your place. As always, it's up to you whether or not you keep your camera on during the sessions - although it's nice to say hello to a few friendly faces at the start! All of these classes will be held via Zoom - once you've signed up, a link to join will be emailed to you on the morning of the class. 

Combat HIIT

Combat HIIT training is a 45 minute high energy martial arts fused full body workout. It is structured around combact practice interlaced with aerobic speed, and conditioning movements to effectively burn calories. This is suitable for all fitness and alternative movements will be demonstated if you have any underlying conditions.

Click here to book your place. 

Kids' Workout

It's the summer holidays, have your children join in with you and work out together. This Kids' Workout is 30 minutes and it is packed with foundation fitness moves, combining lots of fun and interactive excersises to keep you and your children motivated and engaged. This is suitable for all fitness levels and alternative movements will be demonstrated for those with underlying conditions.

Click here to book your place. 

Work your Core!

Work your Core is a 30 minute core training workout that uses your bodyweight to tighten and tone your midsection. Exercises are simple, but effective and are designed to improve your functional strength for better mobility and injury prevention. This is suitable for all fitness levels and alternative movements will be demonsrated if you have any underlying conditions.

Click here to book your place. 

Body Balance

Ideal for anyone and everyone, Body Balance is a yoga/pilates-based class that will improve your mind, your body and your life. During Body Balance an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and instructors will always provide options for those just getting started. You’ll strengthen your entire body and leave the class feeling calm and centered. 

If you haven’t tried yoga before then Body Balance is a great introduction. If you’re already doing some form of yoga or pilates you’ll love the variety you get with this class.

It's recommended that you have the following to hand to take part in a Body Balance session:

  • Yoga mat (although not essential)
  • Water
  • Towel

Click here to book your place. 

Body Conditioning

This body weight exercises class will help tone and strengthen these problem areas of the legs, bums and tums, and at the same time giving plenty of options for all levels of fitness.

The use of hand weights, bottles of water or cans can be used for added resistance but are not essential. You will also need a bottle of water and a towel. You can also use a yoga mat for extra grip, but this is not essential.

The session will include:

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 30 minute toning exercises
  • 10 minutes stretch and cool down

Click here to book your place. 

Pick up the pace with the latest LSE 10km

Students, staff, faculty and alumni are being challenged to walk or run 10km on the 25 July. To complete the challenge, participants must cover their self-planned 10km route within a 24 hour window. All entrees will receive a LSE Summer 10K medal and all proceeds will go to the felix project. Participants who finish at the LSE campus or who go after their run will receive a wrap and fruit juice (food registration via link). Just go to to sign up and for more information

Shape the world, One Step at a Time 

See how cycle to work can benefit you

As many of us return to campus, we may have been thinking of changing our commuting options. If the summer weather has encouraged you to try out two wheels more often (or at least to think about doing so!), you might be interested in learning more about how the School's cycle to work scheme can save you money and help make cycling a bigger part of your lifestyle. For a quick reminder about what the cycle to work scheme can offer, just click here.

As part of the Summer Wellbeing Series, we're running a joint webinar with representatives from both Blackrock (who adminster many of the School's staff benefits) and Cyclescheme (the providers of the School's current cycle to work scheme for staff). 

Andrew Brodrick (Retail & Events @Cyclescheme): Andy has been with Cyclescheme for 10 years and lives and breathes all things bicycles! He will be on hand to walk you through how Cyclescheme works but can also help answer your bicycle-related questions.

Jess Hoggins (Account Manager @Blackhawk): Jess is our expert account manager, she will be on hand to answer any queries you may have surrounding your account and employer settings.

The webinar will be run twice on the following dates. 

3.30pm Tuesday 4 August: you can register in advance here

2.00pm Tuesday 18 August: you can register in advance here

Each webinar is expected to last between 40-60 minutes, depending on the length of the Q&A.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Join the chat at the Conversation Cafe

Re-connect with colleagues and build new relationships in the Conversation Café. Through rotating breakout rooms and various discussion topics, enjoy 45 minutes of captivating conversation with your peers.

10.30 - 11.15am Thursday 12 August

10.30 - 11.15am Thursday 26 August 

Just click here to sign up. 


We hope that you enjoy the Summer Wellbeing Series and find some wellbeing activities that work for you. As always, please do get in touch at with any queries, comments or suggestions for future events.