Annual leave guide

keep track of your annual leave entitlement using the calculators provided

As an LSE employee, you are entitled to 25 days annual leave.

In addition, there are normally 5 additional days closure for Christmas, 3 for Easter closure, plus 8 days of public holiday. When combined, you'll usually receive 41 days. 

Holiday calculator (Full time)

If you are joining the LSE, or leaving, you can calculate your adjusted entitlement using the following form:

Holiday Calculator 2017 - Full Time

Holiday Calculator 2018 - Full Time

Holiday Calculator 2019 - Full Time

Holiday Calculator 2020 - Full Time

Holiday calculator (Part time)

If you are a part time member of staff joining the LSE, or leaving, you can calculate your adjusted entitlement using the following form: 

Holiday calculator 2017 - part time

Holiday calculator 2018 - part-time

Holiday calculator 2019 - part time

Holiday calculator 2020 - part time

As most English public holidays fall on a Monday, part-time staff who, for example, don't work Mondays need to be compensated with additional annual leave to make up for the public holidays they miss.

Conversely part-time staff who normally work Mondays will receive slightly less annual leave to make up for their over-allocation public holidays. These calculators takes into account these factors and adjust your entitlement accordingly.

Public holidays & school closure days

For a table outlining the pattern of English public holidays and LSE School Closure Days for 2019-2021, please click here.


Is the leave year the calendar year or the academic year?

The leave year is the calendar year. 

What is a reasonable amount of notice when informing my line manager of my intention to take my annual leave?

Usually it is expected that members of staff should give their line manager notice of at least twice the length of the period of leave to be taken. In some rare cases, operational reasons may necessitate that leave cannot be granted at the preferred time.

Can I carry over my annual leave?

Up to five days' leave may be carried over from one year to the next (pro rata for part-time staff). Agreement to carry over more than this is usually given only when there are strong personal reasons or when school business has prevented staff from taking leave.

I've just started at LSE. How is my leave calculated for my first year?

Your entitlement during your first leave year is adjusted on a pro-rata basis. Your new leave year is calculated using your start date through to the 31st December. 

I'm leaving LSE. How is my final leave calculated?

Your final salary is adjusted to take into account the amount of leave you have taken during the calendar year. 

You can calculate this figure using the calculator above.