TEF Sub-Committee



Please contact the Secretary to the TEF Sub-Committee Nyssa Lee-Woolf for any TEF related queries.

Terms of reference

1. On behalf of the Education Committee, the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework Sub-Committee is responsible for ensuring strategic clarity, consistency and coherence of LSE’s engagement with the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF).

2. To promote working in partnership with students in response to evolving TEF arrangements and in the production of TEF submissions at institution and subject level.

3. To advise the Education Committee on promoting engagement with and an understanding of TEF assessment criteria across all levels of taught provision, with a particular focus on undergraduate provision. To devise strategies to raise awareness of TEF with academic departments, faculty and professional services staff.

4. To oversee a strategic approach to compiling compelling narrative statements for inclusion in TEF submissions through the development of improved evidence, e.g. a rich qualitative dataset based on extensive sampling of student views.

5. To consider approaches to the use of data to inform the analysis of TEF metrics and the enhancement of School management information about education and student outcomes, in coordination with academic and professional services data experts.

6. To consider information received from divisions, departments and service areas to develop strategic approaches to improving the delivery of TEF related ‘areas of quality’: Teaching Quality, Learning Environment; Student Outcomes and Learning Gain.

7. To draw ideas and good practice from across the School and externally, as required by the business of the committee.

8. To make recommendations to the Education Committee for organisational or procedural changes required to enhance LSE’s performance in future iterations of TEF on the basis of the above considerations and any future changes to TEF requirements.


Members (ex officio):-
Pro-Director Education (Chair)   Professor Dilly Fung
One member from each of the five Academic Board Constituency Groupings  Dr Michele Piccone, Professor Andrew Murray, Dr Isabel Schutes, Professor John Sidel and Dr Catherine Thomas
Academic Registrar Mr Mark Thomson
Head of Student Services Mr Martyn Annis
Director of Academic and Professional Development Division  Mr Neil McLean
Head of Widening Participation Ms Kirsty Wadsley
Head of the Eden Centre Dr Claire Gordon
Head of LSE Life Dr Claudine Provencher
Head of Teaching Quality and Assurance Office Mr Thomas Hewlett
Head of Planning Unit Mr Wayne Tatlow
Director of LSE Careers Ms Lizzie Darlington
TEF Coordinator Ms Nyssa Lee-Woolf
Education Strategic Officer Mr Thomas Watson
Two Departmental Managers Forum Representatives Mr Sam Colegate, Mr Matthew Rowley
Academic and professional services staff, whose areas contribute to the quality of education and the wider student experience, or student representatives, as nominated by the Chair.  
Student Members:-  
LSESU Education Officer Ms Martha Ojo
Undergraduate Students' Consultative Forum Representative  Mr Luca Matteucci
Postgraduate Students' Consultative Forum Representative  
Research Students' Consultative Forum Representative  

Schedule of meetings

October 2019

  • Wednesday 16 October 2019, 14:30, 32L.B.07

March 2020

  • Thursday 19 March 2020, 14:30, 32L.B.07

May 2020

  • Thursday 07 May 2020, 13:30, 32L.B.07