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Staff-facing information about welcoming new students to LSE

This page is intended to provide colleagues in both Academic Departments and Service Divisions with information about Welcome. Expand the sections below to find out more.

If there is any information that is not on this page and that you think would be useful for us to publish please email welcome@lse.ac.uk

Welcome update emails

The Communications and Events Team in the Student Services Centre regularly send out updates by email.

You can access past messages using the links below:

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for these messages, please email welcome@lse.ac.uk.

SSC Start of Year Briefing

Each year the SSC co-ordinates briefing sessions for staff from around LSE. These cover Welcome, Student Support, Branding, Registration, Course Selection and Timetables. 

In 2018 the sessions took place on 31 July and 3 August. For people not able to attend a recorded version is available below:

/current-students/your-first-weeks/assets/images/Ssc-start-of-year-briefing-747x560.jpg /current-students/your-first-weeks/assets/images/Ssc-start-of-year-briefing-747x560.jpg
The volume of this presentation varies slightly because of the different presenters - please do accept our apologies for this


Templates and graphics

Working with the Design Unit the SSC have produced a number of templates and graphics for Academic Departments and Services to use. 

Visit our Welcome Templates and Graphics page for more information and to download these resources. 

Quick-links to key student facing webpages

Dowload this handy reference guide to help when refering students to particular webpages in conversation or on printed materials.

Do you often refer to a particular Welcome webpage which we don't yet have a quick link for? Let us know! Email welcome@lse.ac.uk.


Welcome Presentations

Most Welcome Presentations take place on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 September 2018 in the Peacock Theatre but some take place before this to cater for early arrivals. 

In summary, the presentations cover:

  • Video introduction from the director
  • Key administration
  • A student’s first few weeks
  • How LSE degrees work
  • Sources of support
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Expectations and feedback
  • The LSE Community
  • A students’ experience

Should you want more detail you can download slides of an example welcome presentation. These slides are for your information only (to help make sure you don’t inadvertently duplicate content in your departmental orientation sessions) and must not be shared with students because there is some variation between presentations..

If a student contacts you saying that they’ve missed their Welcome Presentation, please assure them that they will be able to access a recording via lse.ac.uk/lateArrivals during the first few weeks of term.

Guidance on planning Welcome events

The Student Services Centre have produced Guidance on scheduling events during Welcome covering topics such as what events to run, how to avoid clashes and offer suggestions of good practise. 

Please do also ensure that you read the information above to avoid duplicating information that is delivered through the Welcome Presentation.

Departmental Handbooks

Central Sections

The ‘central sections’ of Departmental Handbooks can be dowloaded from the links below:

Cental section suitable for all students - Print Ready PDF
Cental section suitable for all students - Editable Word Document

Cental section information suitable for postgraduates - Print Ready PDF
Cental section suitable for postgraduates - Editable Word Document

Cental section information suitable for undergraduates - Print Ready PDF
Cental section suitable for undergraduates - Editable Word Document

Course Selection Information

Course Selection is not included in the ‘central section’ but is instead provided as a section on its own.

Course Selection information suitable for all students - Print Ready PDF
Course Selection information  suitable for all students - Editable Word Document

Course Selection information suitable for postgraduates - Print Ready PDF
Course Selection information suitable for postgraduates  - Editable Word Document

Course Selection information suitable for undergraduates - Print Ready PDF
Course Selection information suitable for postgraduates - Editable Word Document

Course Selection no longer features in the main ‘central section’ because we know that many departments edit this section or provide their own version of the information. This aligns with our advice that Course Selection should be included in Departmental or Programme Orientation sessions because it will not be covered, in any detail, in the School-wide Welcome Presentations.


There are deliberately no 'hard' deadlines in either of these sections because we know that some departments produce handbooks that remain in force for the full length of a programme. If you produce handbooks which are only valid for one year please do feel free to edit the text to include dates.

Temproary Staffing Opportunities

Recruitment for temporary student staff positions during Welcome 2018 has now closed.

Thank you for your help with promoting this opportunity and encouraging your students to apply. We had over 130 applicants for approximately 80 places! 

For details of the types of roles we recruit to during this period visit Welcome and registration staffing



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