Film and Audio team

The Film and Audio team produces and distributes videos and podcasts. The team manages the LSE media studio and provides advice and guidance on commissioning and publishing video and audio content. The team also manages and maintains the School’s online video and audio content and external online channels such as LSE Player, SoundCloud and iTunes. Our videos have received global recognition from the United Nations and National Geographic, as well as being recognised/winning prizes at the Heist Awards and Learning on Screen awards. 

Alongside colleagues from Media Relations, we produce the monthly podcast LSE iQ, which asks some of the smartest social scientists - and other experts - to answer one intelligent question about economics, politics or society. LSE iQ received two awards at the 2019 HEIST Awards for Marketing, Innovation in Further and Higher Education and was nominated for Best Branded Podcast at the British Podcast Awards 2022. 

Our activities 

Film services

Our small team of filmmakers work closely with departments and individuals to create films which promote the work being done across LSE. These range from marketing videos, to short documentaries and promotional films, for research dissemination and LSE’s wider strategic objectives.

We upload films to enable departments and professional service divisions to publicise their work by embedding the content on their websites and blogs. We also provide usage statistics and advice on using video content within the CMS.

Audio services

We edit, produce, publish and promote LSE’s ever popular public events podcast series. 

We manage the School’s extensive catalogue of podcasts and distribute these to our listeners via the LSE website and external podcast channels such as SoundCloud, iTunes and Apple Podcasts whilst also managing usage statistics.

Advice and guidance

Please see our podcast guidance document for information on how to produce a podcast and and how to arrange podcasts and videos for events.

You can also review our video branding guide which outlines LSE video conventions. This should be adhered to when creating or commissioning new video content. 


Get in touch

If you would like to commission new video or audio content or you would like more information about the services that the team offer, please email