Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

 What is MFA?

What is MFA? What is MFA?

MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication.  All students and over 3000 staff have activated it.  MFA is an extra layer of security for your LSE account.  In addition to a password, (something you know), MFA uses something you have, (your mobile device), to send you either a login notification or code to input. 

You should use MFA alongside other best practices for cyber security:

What are the MFA Options?

  • Microsoft Authenticator app (the most secure and easiest option)
  • Text message/Phone call

Be sure to set up at least 2 MFA options so you can always have access to your LSE account, even if:

  • You change your number or need to use a different mobile device
  • Your mobile device is missing or damaged
  • Your're a staff member who only has access to a desk phone

What do I need to prepare for MFA?

  • You will need:
    - internet access on both devices
    - computer or tablet
    - mobile device
  • Access to Google play or the Apple App store
  • MFA works best with Microsoft Office 365