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Short-term loans & out of hours event support

Need event support? Please try and give us a weeks notice.

A selection of AV equipment is available for short-term loans on the LSE campus only.

The following items can be signed out to an individual who then is responsible for its return:

  • Infra-red hard of hearing system 
  • Digital audio recorders
  • Remote presentation devices (powerpoint clickers)
  • Small portable PA systems (for voice reinforcement or music)
  • Web Cams and USB microphones (for web conferencing such as skype)
  • Flipcharts 
  • Laptop cables (HDMI, VGA, Audio cable)
  • Mobile projectors and projection screens
  • Large display screens (within certain areas only)
  • HD Camera and tripod (only if can show you have training on how to operate)
  • Laptops (only for presentation purposes not for office work or taking off campus)

The AV team can also provide out of hours event support (this may incur a charge), including but not limited to: 

  • setting up requirements 
  • monitoring all equipment (e.g. sound levels) during the event 
  • webcasting / streaming services

For event support, we request at least a weeks notice where possible. 

To book a technician or to borrow equipment, please email: