Fabian - High Performance Computing

DTS provides a set of HPC services for LSE researchers called Fabian.

Fabian is a High Performance Computing (HPC) service for LSE researchers.

This provides LSE with a central service for researchers to carry out compute-intensive tasks and the processing of large datasets with ease.

Fabian provides a Research Cluster with the following key features:

  • A mixture of compute nodes providing high core counts and large memory on which users can run applications.
  • A suite of applications, programming languages and libraries.
  • High throughput job scheduler configured to manage users' workloads.
  • A number of means of access from command line interfaces and  graphical desktop access.
  • Storage on which to work with large datasets and to process results.

Available for all users to:

  • Use a variety of applications.
  • Build their own bespoke applications and custom application modules.

The new cloud-based Fabian

DTS has launched a new cloud-based service, to replace the old service.  The benefits of this new service are:

  • Access to newer, faster processors and the future capability to add new processors as they are released without having to repurchase and commission any hardware, the cluster will remain current rather than aging as the on-site Fabian has.
  • We have built an elastic infrastructure, one that can scale well beyond the capabilities of the current cluster and are no longer limited by the size and facilities of the current cluster.  We will no longer waste energy running servers that are not being used, the service will scale with demand.
  • File and Disk service has been brought up to date, and is at least an order of magnitude faster.
  • In-support robust and well supported infrastructure - reducing the risk to your data and research bringing an end to the frequent outages Fabian has experienced.  We will no longer spend time supporting the servers and networking that underpin Fabian, freeing us up to do more to support your research.
  • We can finally offer backups to keep your data safe.
  • The new service has been designed with security at the front of our minds rather than an afterthought as it was with the onsite Fabian.
  • We will have the ability to offer additional, separated clusters increased flexibility for projects, centres and departments.
  • The new infrastructure has a lower environmental impact than the current hardware.
  • We have a test platform allowing us to add new features and keep the service up to date with less risk to your data and research.
  • The platform has the capability to support new service features for example, databases, improving the service offering.

For more information about the service, getting access or training materials, please see the following:

  •  The Fabian research environment can be accessed here
  • Support documentation is available here
  • Support can be accessed through a dedicated Fabian Teams channel.  This will allow you to:

    - Access updates and information about the service
    - Ask for support from our Research support team
    - Knowledge share with colleagues