Qualtrics: Web Surveys

Qualtrics, is the web survey platform available for staff, postgraduate students and some undergraduate use at LSE. 

To access qualtrics, you will need a separate username and password for the system. Please complete the form below and we'll contact you with your new details.  

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Qualtrics Web Surveys Application Form

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  • I declare that the survey is to support the work of the School and if I am an LSE Student that it is for academic-related purposes only. I have read and agree to abide by the Schools Conditions of Use https://info.lse.ac.uk/staff/services/Policies-and-procedures/Assets/Documents/conOfUseOfITFacAtLSE.pdf and I understand that I must not send out mass unsolicited emails asking people to take part in any survey I create.
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  • Your right to privacy is important to us. The personal information that you submit in this form will be used to provide you with access to the web survey platform. Please visit lse.ac.uk/privacy to read our Privacy Policy and learn more about how we collect and use information about you so that you can make an informed choice about using our website.


Please note: Qualtrics is an unsupported application, meaning we are not able to assist you in the creation of your survey or the analysis of data.

For more guidance, please see the FAQs below:

I'm not very experienced creating or analysing surveys

Qualtrics will also help with survey design and analysis. For guidance on using Qualtrics, see their website.

Can DTS help with the design or analysis of surveys?

Unfortunately not. DTS can advise on the specific use of SPSS and can provide documentation on the use of the survey application, Excel and SPSS, but cannot perform any analysis or design.

There are a number of web based resources widely available which can offer more in depth information on the theory of survey design and analysis.

Can anyone view my survey results or change the design?

Key DTS staff have administrative control over all areas of the application.

However, normal users can only edit those surveys which they created themselves or ones which have been shared with them.

This applies equally to the survey response data. The database that drives the application and stores the responses is held securely and is backed up on a nightly basis.

Can anyone in the LSE run a web based survey?

This is a service for staff and postgraduates only and use must be in support of the work of the School.

In the case of students it is only to be used for academic-related purposes.

Are there any rules which I should be aware of?

Use of the service is covered by the School's conditions of use of IT, in particular point 8.i prohibiting the use of multiple unsolicited emails which would include requests to take part in a survey:

If you intend to survey a large number of students, you may need to obtain permission to do this from the Press and Information Office* in order to communicate the survey to the student or staff body.

DTS must grant specific access to the survey application and can choose to revoke access at the request of the school body. Surveys of non-LSE members should not be affected.

*Contact the Communications Division. 

If you have any questions or experience technical issues, please contact DTS Service Desk: