A message from the School Management Committee

Introducing the Race Equity Framework

Creating a truly inclusive LSE is the first guiding principle of our LSE 2030 strategy. As part of building a more inclusive community, we have been rolling out the Race Equity Framework since September 2020 in consultation with staff and students across our School.  

The Race Equity Framework brings together meaningful action now with our School’s longer-term strategic vision. It is designed to build on work already underway, expand our actions further and keep us focused and accountable.   

This is work that we must do urgently at LSE, but we also acknowledge broader conversations about race and their impact. As an institution, and a community, we need to be doing all we can to understand and address racism, as well as recognising the damage, deep hurt and pain that racism in its various forms inflicts on students, staff, alumni and friends of LSE.  

Racism and racial injustice in the UK, and the world, continues to shape work, study and everyday life. Our priority at LSE is to deliver on our commitments to sustain excellence through an inclusive and diverse community with the roll out and development of the Race Equity Framework one part of this critical work.   

Through the Framework we are implementing concrete race equity actions set out in our workplan, including actively promoting, funding and supporting research about race, nominating academic attainment leads in departments, analysing and seeking to close our ethnicity pay gap, addressing racial inequality in our PhD, academic and professional staff recruitment and progression, and more. We know these actions are just the start of the Framework roll out, and that we need both to continue addressing immediate issues and develop bigger programmes of work to support long-lasting change.   

As a leading social science institution, we want to facilitate LSE staff and students to do what they do best – critically engage with the issues through teaching, education, scholarly debate, discussion and research to positively influence, challenge and ultimately shape our School, and the world, for the better. Leading experts in our academic community who are members of the Race Equity Steering Group, with Framework theme leads who are part of LSE’s School Management Committee, are exploring how to take this forward.  

Accountability for the Framework rests with LSE leadership and we take this responsibility extremely seriously. We also encourage every member of our LSE community to be involved in helping us deliver on the commitments set out in the Framework if you are not doing so already. explore these webpages to find the latest updates on the Framework, how students and staff are advancing race equity in their own work and study, and the ways you can contribute as part of our School.   

LSE School Management Committee  

Eric Neumayer, Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Planning & Resources)

Emma McCoy, Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education)

Susana Mourato, Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research)

Charles Stafford, Vice President and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Faculty Development)

Andrew Young, Chief Operating Officer

Louise Nadal, School Secretary

Mike Ferguson, Chief Finance Officer

Ben Plummer-Powell, Chief Philanthropy and Global Engagement Officer