Race Equity Framework

Theme lead:

Dilly Fung, Pro-Director (Education)

Led by the Pro-Director (Education) and the Academic Developer for Inclusive Education as co-lead, the Education strand focuses on making sure our education reflects the diverse world around us and empowers students to shape more equitable communities.

Below are the key actions that are planned or in progress below, and check the latest updates to see what’s happened so far.

Education overview:

  • Working with education leads to embed all dimensions of the Inclusive Education Action Plan, including academic mentoring, inclusive pedagogies, and curriculum enhancement
  • Creating opportunities for students and staff to have informed and detailed discussions about what inclusivity, identity, diversification and decolonising mean for different disciplines
  • Supporting students and staff in co-creating resources to enable us to discern and address, in an academically-rigorous way, racist practices (personal, professional and academic) and drive systemic change
  • Embeding race equity themes within cross-School activities such as LSE100, LSE GROUPS and the Civic Engagement strand of LSE Student Futures
  • Embedding race equity principles and anti-racism training into LSE Welcome
  • Empowering and fund students to investigate race equity themes through LSE Change Makers.

These pages are being updated as the roll-out of the Framework continues and as actions are refined with the input of our LSE community. Got a question, feedback or want to get involved in the Education strand? Share your views via our online form