DAWN Committee

 Meet the Committee!


Viki Chinn 

Viki is Chair of DAWN, managing the Network along with her fabulous committee. As Chair she has been working with the school to embed disability inclusion into policies, procedures and practices, she chairs and organises committee meetings and is dedicated to creating a space for LSE’s Disabled staff community to come together to share experiences, offer mutual support, gain practical information, and enjoy social get-togethers in a safe and accessible environment.

Viki works in LSE Careers as a Careers Consultant and, alongside working with students across the school, specialises and leads on supporting Disabled students with their career issues. Viki has specialised in the field of Disability and Employment since 2005 and is passionate about creating equal opportunities for all and removing barriers faced by Disabled people. 

Outside of work Viki is a proud scouser (without an accent though!) whose only complaint about Liverpool is that it doesn’t get half the sun that London does. She is a firm fan of Netflix (there’s ALWAYS something to watch) and has recently started revisiting the cinema after a long Covid induced break. Half sloth half whirlwind - if you ever see Viki on campus she will probably be rushing somewhere but her preferred state of being is ‘relax’ which is something she intends to do….sometime…

Viki would love to welcome new joiners to DAWN so if you are Disabled or have an interest in Disability issues, or support Disabled loved ones please do join. We would love to have you!

Email: v.e.chinn@lse.ac.uk



Andrea Boyle 

Andrea is the Community, Engagement and Partnerships Manager for the DAWN Network. Andrea connects and interacts with different groups and individuals both inside and outside LSE, who are willing to share good practice and educate others on improved access and working environments. Promoting and encouraging an ideas which might improve the working experience for those with disability and wellbeing conditions.
Being a part of DAWN has highlighted to Andrea the need for us to extend our influence as a community and to improve the inclusivity and proactivity within LSE for disabled staff. The voices of those with a disability or wellbeing conditions are often the last to be heard and by connecting and talking within the platform that the DAWN network provides, we can learn from each other and develop ways to improve and raise awareness. 
Andrea is Operations and Project Manager for the Executive Office and in addition, line manages the Executive Assistant and Administration support team who support the Senior Managment on a daily basis. Andrea has worked at LSE for 6 ½ years initially supporting students then with departments as Quality Assurance and Regulations Manager and now for the past 3 years in the Executive Office.

Email: a.boyle@lse.ac.uk


Charlotte Ennis 

Charlotte is the Policy Officer for DAWN. In this role, Charlotte is responsible for writing responses on behalf of the network to LSE policy developments to support disabled staff. These responses are written based on the input of the Chair and Members of DAWN, to ensure that they represent the views of all of DAWN’s members.  

Charlotte works at the European Institute as Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) officer. She hopes that her role as EDI officer at the European Institute and policy officer for DAWN will be complimentary and will enable her to work towards EDI goals, not just in her department but across the school.  

Email: c.e.ennis@lse.ac.uk 


Kevin O'Donovan 

Kevin O’Donovan is the Library Acquisitions Manager at LSE, and the events organiser for DAWN. He has an interest in supporting neurodiversity in the workplace. In his spare time he enjoys running, cycling, chess, poker, and reading, particularly modern Science Fiction and cosmology.

Email: k.o-donovan@lse.ac.uk



Joss Harrison 

Joss is Communications Manager of DAWN, responsible for the members' newsletter, the website, monitoring the DAWN inbox, and promoting network events.

As Centre Assistant at the Phelan United States Centre, Joss helps to organise its events and student initiatives and to manage its communications.

Joss joined the DAWN Committee in order to contribute to efforts to make the School fairer for our entire disabled community, and to improve the facilitate conversations about mental health and wellbeing for students and staff at LSE.

Email: j.harrison8@lse.ac.uk