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From calls, prizes, travel grants, and business investment to funding competitions and founderships. Discover the funding opportunities for both academics with research ideas and students with an innovative business concept. 

Research and Innovation supports you throughout the lifecycle of your research idea and business concept

 Student funding


Funding for students and alumni with a business concept

Do you have a great idea that needs funding to get it up and running? Are you already working on a business venture and want help getting it to the next stage? Are you a current student or recent alumni? If so, why not take part in the LSE funding competition run by LSE Generate.

Research funding


Funding for academic research ideas

Internal funding - Browse centrally coordinated and unit coordinated research-related funding, and other internal funding opportunities for knowledge exchange and impact, innovation, and other purposes.

External funding - View a selection of external funding sources for the social sciences and humanities - explore upcoming, open and annual calls.

Consulting & Commercialisation funding

LSE Consulting

Tender & project opportunities at LSE Consulting

Would you like to work as a consultant? LSE Consulting actively sources opportunities for LSE academics and we are seeking experts for our live tender opportunities, upcoming tender opportunities, and project opportunities.


Commercialise your research via LSE Innovation

Help with turning your research ideas into new businesses, products or services that benefit society. Expand the impact of your research in new and exciting ways.

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