Events, Training and Courses

By LSE Research and Innovation

Discover our events, training and courses on research funding, student entrepreneurship, research ethics, REF, and more. Interact with experts face-to-face, improve your working practice, and be inspired by your peers and success stories.

Research and Innovation supports you throughout the lifecycle of your research idea and business concept


Entrepreneurship for students

Discover our upcoming events, workshops, digital resources and training courses open to all LSE students and alumni. We collaborate with internal and external partners to support your ventures, here in the UK and across the globe. 


Research and Innovation Sessions (RISe)

Learn more about the process of applying for research funding at LSE, designing research applications, integrating knowledge exchange and impact into your work, innovation opportunities for researchers and many other topics, in sessions designed to help you advance your research and your career.

Africa Summit

Topical issues in research ethics

A series of facilitated discussions hosted by the PhD Academy. Attend events on how to conduct sensitive interviews, using social media data in research, working with children and gathering qualitative data.


KEI Training - develop the skills needed for knowledge exchange

Aimed at researchers (of any level). Learn from expert speakers and acquire practical skills in what to do once published, how to build a research website, media training and public speaking to engaging with the local community and/or policy makers. 


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