GAP 2023

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Our 2023 cohort



Our mission at Afroricas is to build abundance for Afro-descendent women in all aspects of life.

Afroricas is a platform dedicated to facilitating the social mobility of Afro-Brazilian women. We are fully committed to promoting the equitable distribution and generation of wealth by actively involving black and brown women at every stage of our value chain. Our approach focuses on providing specialized training programs that encompass finance management, career development, and leadership skills while addressing the unique systemic challenges faced by our community.

Founded by:

Geórgia Barbosa, Cofounder and Strategic Leader

Gabriella Safe, Cofounder and Executive Director


Our mission is to give you authentic, real and healthier food - enabling talented individuals to earn an income.

By connecting you to home chefs & bakers, Dlyt lets you order food you can’t get anywhere else.

Founded by:

Omar Arfan, CEO




Decarbonising e-commerce supply chains by changing the way we buy things online.

Flare is an embedded finance company that enables shoppers to order ahead in exchange for a discount. We reduce supply chain guesswork, allowing e-commerce businesses to increase sales, reduce excess inventory, improve working capital and minimise emissions.

Daniel Parekh-Hill, CEO 

Alex Hooper, CTO


Food Mood


Our mission is to combat food waste, promote sustainable consumption, and empower individuals to make a positive impact on the environment through innovative solutions

We provide a platform to food outlets and caterers in India to sell their surplus food to customers

Founded by: 

Sanskar Dugar




Our mission is to make analog photography thrive in the digital age.

Newgrain is an online space for photographers to grow their love of analog photography. With our platform, we've built a worldwide community of 4000+ photographers sharing their best work and connecting with each other. We aim to make the art of film photography prosper in an age where social media platforms have gamified creativity and valued quantity over quality.

Founded by: 

Timothee Issenmann, CEO 

Arish Tripathi, CTO




Join us on our mission to make breakfast easy - anytime, anywhere.

Oatsu makes it easy to enjoy a healthy breakfast on-the-go. We deliver freshly-prepared overnight oats to your door (available from and on Amazon), and we're launching into Co-op, Holland & Barrett, and with Virgin Atlantic this year.

Founded by:

Lauren O’Donnell, Founder




To be everyone’s first choice fully digital local repair shop.

Welcome to the pulse of the Micro-mobility Revolution! We cater to the daring Cyclists, E-scooter enthusiasts, and E-bike riders of London, furnishing unmatched convenience with our 24/7 support. Say goodbye to downtime with on-the-go repairs and immediate delivery of parts and accessories, anywhere.

Founded By: 

Lancelot Hoare, CEO

Nikita Baranov, CFO

Daniel Bursztynski, CTO


Pomi and Seeds


Pomi and Seeds mission is to use business to change lives, ensuring women feel confident in their lingerie and addressing inequity in fashion and local communities.

We use technology, design thinking, and the circular economy model to revolutionise the way that women shop, wear and care for their underwear. The ‘Seeds’ in our name stands for the way that we positively impact local communities and the planet through our operations.

Founded by: 

Tukiya Mutupa, CEO

Josh Hallam, CTO




Help businesses recruit and hire talented veterans.

rolemodel is a tech company that helps connect ex-military personnel with businesses through a personalised career exploration and role discovery platform.

Founded by:

Victor Morris, Founder


Wild Socks


We want to equip parent and clinician communities with effective and affordable treatments for risky behaviours.

Speek equips parents with skills, knowledge and community to break the cycle of teenage self-harm. We are the only mental health platform worldwide that offers specialised support for parents caring for a young one that self-harms.

Founded by: 

Kanu Batra, CEO

Nessrin Younes, CPO

Rakan Zabian, CTO


The Training Marketplace


We are the trusted digital partner for training buyers and providers

The Training Marketplace revolutionizes the business training industry by directly connecting buyers and providers, eliminating the broken broker model.

Key Features:

  • Direct connections: Seamlessly link buyers and providers, no middlemen.

  • Personal brand building: Showcase expertise, establish a strong presence.

  • Lasting relationships: Foster partnerships for sustained growth.

  • Reliable decision-making: Trusted reviews and AI-powered recommendations.

  • Streamlined experience: Simplify training buying with user-friendly tools.

  • Market intelligence: industry insights, market trends

Founded by: 

Dr Peter Evans, CEO

Tra Nguyen, COO