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GAP 2023



Our mission at Afroricas is to build abundance for Afro-descendent women in all aspects of life.

Afroricas is a platform dedicated to facilitating the social mobility of Afro-Brazilian women. We are fully committed to promoting the equitable distribution and generation of wealth by actively involving black and brown women at every stage of our value chain. Our approach focuses on providing specialized training programs that encompass finance management, career development, and leadership skills while addressing the unique systemic challenges faced by our community.

Founded by:

Geórgia Barbosa, Cofounder and Strategic Leader

Gabriella Safe, Cofounder and Executive Director


Our mission is to give you authentic, real and healthier food - enabling talented individuals to earn an income.

By connecting you to home chefs & bakers, Dlyt lets you order food you can’t get anywhere else.

Founded by:

Omar Arfan, CEO




Decarbonising e-commerce supply chains by changing the way we buy things online.

Flare is an embedded finance company that enables shoppers to order ahead in exchange for a discount. We reduce supply chain guesswork, allowing e-commerce businesses to increase sales, reduce excess inventory, improve working capital and minimise emissions.

Daniel Parekh-Hill, CEO 

Alex Hooper, CTO


Food Mood


Our mission is to combat food waste, promote sustainable consumption, and empower individuals to make a positive impact on the environment through innovative solutions

We provide a platform to food outlets and caterers in India to sell their surplus food to customers

Founded by: 

Sanskar Dugar




Our mission is to make analog photography thrive in the digital age.

Newgrain is an online space for photographers to grow their love of analog photography. With our platform, we've built a worldwide community of 4000+ photographers sharing their best work and connecting with each other. We aim to make the art of film photography prosper in an age where social media platforms have gamified creativity and valued quantity over quality.

Founded by: 

Timothee Issenmann, CEO 

Arish Tripathi, CTO




Join us on our mission to make breakfast easy - anytime, anywhere.

Oatsu makes it easy to enjoy a healthy breakfast on-the-go. We deliver freshly-prepared overnight oats to your door (available from and on Amazon), and we're launching into Co-op, Holland & Barrett, and with Virgin Atlantic this year.

Founded by:

Lauren O’Donnell, Founder




To be everyone’s first choice fully digital local repair shop.

Welcome to the pulse of the Micro-mobility Revolution! We cater to the daring Cyclists, E-scooter enthusiasts, and E-bike riders of London, furnishing unmatched convenience with our 24/7 support. Say goodbye to downtime with on-the-go repairs and immediate delivery of parts and accessories, anywhere.

Founded By: 

Lancelot Hoare, CEO

Nikita Baranov, CFO

Daniel Bursztynski, CTO


Pomi and Seeds


Pomi and Seeds mission is to use business to change lives, ensuring women feel confident in their lingerie and addressing inequity in fashion and local communities.

We use technology, design thinking, and the circular economy model to revolutionise the way that women shop, wear and care for their underwear. The ‘Seeds’ in our name stands for the way that we positively impact local communities and the planet through our operations.

Founded by: 

Tukiya Mutupa, CEO

Josh Hallam, CTO




Help businesses recruit and hire talented veterans.

rolemodel is a tech company that helps connect ex-military personnel with businesses through a personalised career exploration and role discovery platform.

Founded by:

Victor Morris, Founder


The Training Marketplace


We are the trusted digital partner for training buyers and providers

The Training Marketplace revolutionizes the business training industry by directly connecting buyers and providers, eliminating the broken broker model.

Key Features:

  • Direct connections: Seamlessly link buyers and providers, no middlemen.

  • Personal brand building: Showcase expertise, establish a strong presence.

  • Lasting relationships: Foster partnerships for sustained growth.

  • Reliable decision-making: Trusted reviews and AI-powered recommendations.

  • Streamlined experience: Simplify training buying with user-friendly tools.

  • Market intelligence: industry insights, market trends

Founded by: 

Dr Peter Evans, CEO

Tra Nguyen, COO




GAP 2022


We help make life a personal playground to think, feel and grow.

AnimaSelf is a digital mental health app. We are working to bridge the gap in mental health support by helping you manage your day-to-day ups and downs, preventing emotional deterioration further down the road. Mental health care is difficult to access, time consuming, non-inclusive and stigmatised. Unless you are deemed to be a 'very high risk' to yourself or others, extremely long wait times are commonplace, leaving many people without any form of care

Founded by: Frank Thornton-Wood & Hanan Nor



We exist to end educational inequality for neurodiverse children.

Cogs is an edtech company building educational software for neurodiverse children. Our software will combine educational neuroscience, emotional psychology and AI to build personalised learning journeys for each individual child.

Founded by: Felix de Grey & Zareen Ali


Gretel & Belle


We democratise access to diverse food and beverages for the circular economy

We founded Gretel & Belle because we noticed a gap in the market for consumers from or curious of multicultural and biodiverse food and beverage experiences. Gretel & Belle develops low waste food and beverages for modern society. We offer quality and convenience to underserved customer segments, combat consumers’ rapidly homogenising diets and tackle the food industry’s wasteful, linear economy. From upcycling the by-products of our beverages into superfoods, to adopting innovative recycling initiatives, we are building a circular economy to eliminate the design flaw that is waste.

Founded by: Mirabel AnosikeMargaret Oki & Sohum Shah



A better way to stay connected to loved ones.

We’re changing the global conversation about how we remember our loved ones. I built this app for and with my grandmother. Laulau is an app that allows you to record your grandparents through video from our curated library of 200+ questions. Everyone has a story worth telling and Laulau helps you discover and remember them.

Founded by: Fabio Richter



We make a wider choice of mental wellbeing solutions more accessible, affordable and personalised

MindHug is the bridge between your organisation’s mental wellbeing team and the exciting world of Technological, Therapeutic and Pharmaceutical innovations and programmes – the bridge between the world’s most innovative and impactful mental health & wellbeing solutions and the people who need them most. We are on a mission to make a wider choice of therapies and solutions more accessible, affordable and personalised than ever before. We offer organisations a tailored service to tackle the mental wellbeing issues most pressing for them through assessments, training and workshops.

Founded by: Chris HartChitraj (Raj) Singh & Dr Thaddeus Cheung



Relinkt helps refugees gain access to work through its platform and transitional supports.

ReLinkt is an early-stage, bootstrapped platform for remote professional services by refugees and migrants—people whose talents need to make it to market! The start-up has begun its pilot with Arabic language, taught by refugees and migrants in Turkey to learners in the UK. Currently, ReLinkt is moving toward validation of its unique, socially impactful model. A participating displaced person in ReLinkt's continued pilot receives transitional supports to advance professionally.

Founded by: Livia Whitermore & Raneem Zahr


Simba Health

Simba is a healthy ageing service, targeting over 50s, that combines 1 to 1 health coaching, longevity science, and health data to transform the way you age.

Our mission is to build the definitive healthy ageing platform and extend the healthy life expectancy of billions of people worldwide by 5 years within the next decade. Our Simba service is for everyone who would like expert preventive health support that is both affordable and personalised.

Founded by: Kavita KalaichelvanRichard Kirsch



Somosfin use specialised tools and personalised mentoring to help people control their finances.

Today, 67% of adults are financially illiterate in the world. This leads to a lack of planning, lack of control, difficulties to save and falling into debt. Furthermore, 76% of people claim to feel stressed about money. And they usually feel alone. We support them by offering tools to be in control of their personal finances while having the guidance of a financial coach

Founded by: Francisco José García Pósleman & Silvana León


The Oater

The Oater is developing a compact IoT oat milk machine for cafés and retailers.

We are a young, German start-up, providing fresh, sustainable oat milk, without packaging waste, by downscaling oat milk production into a compact machine. Our goal is to revolutionize oat milk production by eliminating packaging waste, reducing transport emissions, whilst improving taste and affordability for our customers.

Founded by: Benjamin AuerSarah NestiHenrik Burger & Lisa Nesti


Wild Socks

Wild Socks sells socks supporting wildlife conservation

Wild Socks is an impact-led start-up which sells socks supporting wildlife conservation. Each pair of Wild Socks is fun and colourful, and features a different threatened or endangered species. We partner with specialised conservation charities dedicated to safeguarding the wildlife on our socks, donating 30% of gross profits to their conservation. Currently, we partner with nine different charities, supporting wildlife from the oceans, African savannahs, and polar regions. Our company holds strong values on sustainability, and respecting our people, planet and natural ecosystems

Founded by: Henry Taylor & Alyssa Sharpf



GAP 2021



Jonathan Pizzutti - Jonathan Pizzutti

CareBono is a recruiment and retentional platform for caregivers.

CareBono is a caregiver recruitment and retention platform aimed at addressing the growing labor shortage in caregiving throughout the United States. We connect caregivers, employers, and educators to ensure that people have access to the healthcare that they need.

Founded by: Jonathan Pizzutti



WhatsApp Image 2020-10-02 at 4.53.54 PM - Joel Alexander

Crowdpad is democratising access to capital for founders.

We are building a social crowdfunding platform to tackle the lack of diversity, representation, & accountability in the fundraising and startup arena.

Founded by: Joel Alexander




Markus Ahlberg - Headshot - Less Fun - Markus Ahlberg

Feelmo is a self therapy app.

Feelmo is a mental health tech startup that provides young adults suffering from stress, anxiety and depression with the guidance, tools and support they need to manage their emotional wellbeing and feel better.

Founded by: Markus Ahlberg





FLOAT is creating the Middle East’s first locally produced large scale oat milk.

Founded by: Mariam Tag




Erika Headshot - Erika Brodnock

Kami is the virtual support system for every parental journey.

Kami is a deeptech employee wellness platform that is making stress manageable, by making it measurable.

Founded by: Erika Brodnock




Headshot 2018 - Freda KatundaMery_Headshot - María Suárez

LEAP is a healthcare e-Learning platform for Africa.

We strive to build workforce capacity by offering affordable, quality health education from international organizations through an intuitive, mobile-friendly platform. Our social startup aligns with Africa's Agenda 2063 and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals of Good Health and Quality Education.

Founded by: Freda Katunda (top), María Suárez (bottom)




Screenshot_2021-04-25_at_23.59.59-removebg-preview - Akber Tahir

Pharmovo is a B2B platform for the transaction of near-to-expiry pharmaceuticals between UK & EU wholesalers.

We are a B2B Platform for the transaction of Near-To-Expiry Pharmaceuticals between UK & EU Wholesalers. We are on a mission to reduce international pharmaceutical waste levels and get pharmaceuticals to patients. We use technology to turn waste into revenue!

Founded by: Akber Tahir


Pip & Henry


Jeroo_Doodhmal - jeroo doodhmal
Pip and Henry is a ‘truly’ eco-centric children’s footwear brand.

We create beautiful, high-quality footwear from renewable materials, provide options for customisation and incentivise the return of outgrown shoes so they can be re-purposed.

Founded by: Jeroo Doodhmal




Wojciech profile pic - Wojciech WoznickiMyself - Copy - Kes Daood

Quester is building the world's largest intellectual community.

We’re building a social network to enable you to deep dive into your passions. DISCOVER thousands of resource lists curated for your interests. GAIN rewards for completing difficult resources. CLIMB leader boards to compete with friends. CREATE sharable resource lists on your passions.

Founded by: Wojciech Woźnicki (top), Kes Daood (bottom)




IMG_8171 - Melanie Brown

Spry is a digital fitness platform for older adults.

Spry helps older adults and people living with long-term health conditions achieve a balanced fitness routine at home. Our video platform matches members with ability-based and condition-specific exercise programs to help them achieve their personal goals.

Founded by: Melanie Brown




Headshot - Vince Dewar

SuperGoat will address Uganda’s growing goat production deficit through a focus on improving the quality of breeding stock.

Through this activity, we aim to increase the availability of a nutritious and affordable protein source in the Ugandan market and catalyze transformative economic growth in Uganda’s goat sector.

Founded by: Vince Dewar


The Lit Bank

LSE GENERATE_Edita Memisi_Serious Headshot - Edita Memisi

The Lit Brank is an online Edtech platform.

We believe all students have a right to high-quality, impactful resources.We are an online resource management platform for English Language and English Literature for students and teachers in the UK and around the world.

Founded by: Edita Memisi



GAP 2020:

accelerator cohort collage

  • 1001 Stories: A luxury D2C footwear brand with a social purpose; we create beautiful statement shoes whilst lifting marginalised communities out of poverty and into business.
  • Alxedo: We are a sustainable water company, offering a smart water purification system. 
  • Atlas: A community platform for solving challenges while building in-demand skills. 
  • CauliBox: A digitally-enabled reusable lunchbox scheme that rewards good behaviours.
  • Crowdless: Provides live data on the crowdedness of supermarkets so that you can choose the best place and the best time to visit.
  • Gaïa: Gaïa is a sustainability startup that helps you to find zero-waste alternatives to toiletries and say goodbye to plastic in your bathroom.
  • G.APP17: A digital platform that facilitates strategic partnerships between businesses and non-profit organisations through the SDGs, so that together they can lead the change we need to see in society.
  • Grounded: We make functional drinks without the cr*p.
  • KAYTEA: Bringing tea back to the limelight by making it fun and relevant for a new generation of consumers by becoming a value-added tea supplier to food service operators and a consumer packaged iced tea brand.
  • Lugo: Providing crowdsourced data for curable diseases.
  • Ocafi: Coffee farming and green coffee sourcing company that stands for transparent, sustainable and fair trade relationships to make farming worthwhile. Bringing the best Brazilian coffees to the world.
  • Petal App: A mobile app that helps people to build a happy and healthy relationship with food.
  • Project Happy Note: A personalised gift series over a 3-month period with behavioural science to help your loved one create a positive ritual and to help people connect and reconnect during a difficult time.
  • ValidApp: Uses AI-powered data-driven applied forensic linguistics techniques to verify school applications and coursework with the aim of detecting fraudulent applications and ghost-writers.