RCSD systems and technology

Technology that supports the business processes in the Residential and Catering Services Division

This page lists the specialist systems our division uses and includes user guides and support contact details for staff.

Residences and accommodation systems

RezLynx property management system (PMS)

Rezlynx helps us to maintain our room inventory and to manage reservations and allocations for students and vacations visitors.

Access link

To access the system, visit: rezlynx.net

RezLynx Training Workbook [PDF]

Student accommodation application system

The accommodation system supports the student accommodation application process, from booking, payment of deposit to arrival at the hall.


Planon facilities management system

We use Planon to log and manage maintenance jobs across the halls. This is the same system that is used on campus.

Access link

To log in to the system, visit: Planon portal

Planon user guides

STEMS student induction and inventory tool

We use the STEMS  student transition experience management system by The Russell Partnership for two main areas: Their online induction helps us to engage students before their arrival at the hall and their inventory tool manages our online room inventories.

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Tripleplay display screens in halls

We use Tripleplay to publish information on the display screens in the reception areas of our halls of residence. Changes to the content displayed on the screens are made by the residences systems team. 

To add content or request a change, contact: residences.systems@lse.ac.uk

Catering systems

MCR Symphony point of sale (POS) system

We use an electronic point of sales system called MCR Symphony in all of our catering outlets on campus.

View: MCR point of sale solutions


Food Club at LSE

Coming soon.

The Food Club at LSE is a loyalty app and it is powered by MCR, visit: Symphony Loyalty 

More information about how our catering outlets will be using the system is at: Join the Food Club

Indicater hospitality ordering

Indicater powers our hospitality ordering service.

Access link

To log into the system, visit: LSE Hospitality

Help and support from the Residences Systems Team

The Residences Systems team offers first-line support, sets up new users, and answers other queries about the sytems on this page. To get in touch, use the button below. 

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