The LSE Staff Get Active Festival 2018


A summer series of fun, active and sociable events for LSE staff. Lets get the LSE moving!

The Get Active Festival explained

Welcome to the LSE Staff Get Active Festival 2018! The festival will run from the 9th July to the 17th August, during which time we’ll be hoping that as many of you as possible will take the opportunity to get active.

Above you can explore the full programme of activities, and you can book places with our online booking system. Activities are free of charge to LSE staff, and almost all of the activities can accommodate any level of fitness. Do let us know if an activity you’re interested in is already fully booked, because it may be possible to arrange extra sessions.

As well as the activities on offer, you’ll be able to sign up for the Workplace Challenge, which will enable you to track your progress during the seven weeks. Last but by no means least, the Get Active Awards will follow the festival – in the spirit of friendly competition, staff will be able to put themselves forward as panel members to judge the Awards.

Frequently asked questions

Who can take part in the Festival?

All members of LSE staff are welcome!

I don’t want to do anything too sporty, is there anything for me?

We've tried to cater for all abilities, so if you're not keen on anything too vigourous, you could try one on our Walk Coach Learn sessions, or sign up for a yoga session at the LSE SU Gym. Alternatively you could sign up for our workplace challenge, where you can earn extra points for all manner of active pursuits, even your weekend gardening!

I’m interested in an activity but it’s been fully booked. Is there anything I can do?

All is not lost! If there is sufficient interest in certain activities, we can explore laying on extra sessions to ensure everybody who wants to gets the chance to participate.