Student Charter (LSE and LSE Students' Union)

LSE has a long and rich educational tradition of which all its students and staff can be proud. Since opening its doors in 1895, the School has sought to advance its founding vision of a fairer society through the study and analysis of the social sciences.

Our Student Charter, written by students and staff, sets out how LSE’s mission and ethos are reflected in the education you can expect to receive at our School, and in the diverse, equitable and inclusive community that we all contribute to and value. 

Find out more about the Charter and how you can use it below.



Your Education


What is an LSE education and how can I make the most of it?

An LSE education is designed so that you can engage critically with your discipline and real global challenges, equipping you professionally and personally for the world into which you will graduate.

The following principles outline what an LSE education looks like and how all students –undergraduate, taught master’s and research – can make the most of their studies at the School.

As an LSE student you will:

  • Receive teaching and supervision underpinned by world-leading research, and study curricula that seeks to reflect the diversity of the discipline you are studying.

    Make the most of your LSE education by taking part in lectures, seminars, and workshops, and engage outside of the classroom through academic office hours, study groups, and other activities.
  • Be offered high quality advice from academic departments.

    If you need additional guidance or support, make use of the academic and wellbeing services available at the School as soon as you can – they’re there to help you.
  • Be expected to work to high academic standards.

    Contribute to your own learning by studying beyond reading lists, and take advantage of opportunities across the School to advance your academic development.
  • Contribute to building an active, inclusive and respectful learning community.

    Participate fully with others as you study, value the input of those around you, and feedback to the School what we do well and where we can improve, so that we can work with you to enhance your experiences.


Our Community

What does it mean to be part of the LSE community and how do I contribute?

The LSE community is shaped by its diverse and talented students and staff, its location in a vibrant international city, and its loyalty to an institution whose mission has inspired path-breaking research and a prestigious reputation.

We nurture that community through a set of shared understandings that rely on and value contributions from across the School.

Being part of the LSE community means that together, we:

  • Create an inclusive, accessible and safe environment to work and study.

    We expect all LSE citizens to act collegially and with respect for one other to support learning, wellbeing, debate and dialogue, alongside the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and ideas.
  • Value our diverse and international membership and promote equality of respect and opportunity in accordance with LSE’s Ethics Code and UK law.

    We work with each another to promote and respect health and wellbeing through a range of dedicated professional services, creating a supportive working environment that’s beneficial to all.
  • Maximise LSE’s opportunities for positive global impacts through our teaching, research and community engagement.

    As a community of staff and students, we value School citizens who contribute to this goal by taking up opportunities at LSE and within the wider community.
  • Our community includes the LSE Students’ Union, an independent, student-led democratic organisation which focuses on improving the lives of LSE students by providing them with academic, social and welfare support. 

    Get involved in the community by taking part in opportunities offered by the LSESU, such as sports clubs, societies and services to enhance your skills. 


Your Future - Our Future

How can I inspire future generations of LSE students after I graduate?

Our alumni network go on to work with governments, communities and businesses, actively and positively contributing to the unique educational experience that inspired our founders: to undertake learning and enquiry for the betterment of society.

There are many ways you can inspire the next generation of LSE students after you graduate:

  • When you graduate from LSE you become part of a celebrated alumni community.

    Continue to support LSE and its students by giving up your time, providing your expertise, or by making financial contributions.
  • Our alumni are committed to sharing the value of an LSE education and building the strength of our community.

    Stay connected to the School by contributing to the alumni network, a body which spans the globe and offers support to alumni and current students, no matter where in the world they may be.

Read the LSE-LSESU Student Charter in full