6 tips to ace online assessment

Make sure to check your modules and set a reminder for when the revision lectures/office hours are being held

Coronavirus has definitely taken a significant toll on everyone and has led to many changes in how our assessments are conducted. However, this blog will help you stay on track of the changes and ensure that you are well prepared for them.

Check your internet speed 

With Summer Term assessments beginning this week, make sure to check your internet speed and ensure you have the required speed to download and attach documents efficiently. There are many free websites which can do this such as Speedtest, Fast, and Centurylink. Please note that the recommended speed is 40-60 mbps for smooth uploading and most modules have set a 50-100mb cap on any upload. 

Familiarise yourself with the new formats

Many departments have altered the format of exam papers in particular to ensure that academic integrity has been maintained. Make sure that you have been informed and practice according to the new format. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to contact your department or course leader for additional information.

Update your timings

Note that all timings announced by LSE are given in British Standard Time (BST). To ensure no confusion, prepare an advanced schedule listing your assessments in your local time.

Participate in the ‘Practice Submissions’ run by departments 

Many departments are running practice submissions for their modules where they provide a sample cover sheet and request you submit a single document that meets the requirements. By participating in this, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the process and even improve on it before your exams. 

If you have missed the deadline, try reaching out to your department/course leader for an extension or to check if there is a second practice submission.

Check out the dedicated page for online exams guidance 

LSE Eden Centre has created a specific page with guidance regarding the online exams so that students are well prepared for the new process beforehand. It contains a detailed explanation for each step along with various alternatives for some requirements.

Attend the Summer Term revision lectures

Despite the changes, Summer Term is expected to proceed as planned for most departments. So make sure to check your modules and set a reminder for when the revision lectures/office hours are being held. These will be great opportunities for you to clarify any doubts about the course or the new format before assessment begins. 

I hope this helped you and feel free to reach out to your departments for additional advice!


Written by LSE Social Media Ambassador Manasvini Balasubramanian