Faith Centre Spaces

Desert Room

The theme of the LSE Faith Centre is the “sacred desert”. The desert is a place of spiritual significance in nearly all the world religions.

From the ancient Hindu traditions of the Thar Desert of Rajasthan to the origins of the Judeo-Christian tradition at Sinai, the desert has been experienced as a place of profound religious intensity. Crucially, the nomadic tradition of the desert reflects the need for space to be shared and not colonised. But the desert has also been a place of interreligious encounter, not least through commerce along trade routes.

So our “sacred desert” is a place of stillness for all people, a place where different religious groups can “set up camp” for a while, but also a place for all to encounter people of other faiths, to hear their stories, to share hospitality and to converse about the issues of the day. 



The Desert Room is available for booking by Faith Society Officers and LSE Staff. Currently it is used for a wide range of activities including:

  • Faith Society Meetings, Devotion and Socials
  • Wellbeing programmes, including Yoga, Mindfulness and Tai Chi
  • Devotion and worship
  • Transformational programmes for LSE applicants, including Beecken Faith & Leadership
  • One-off speaker events and panel discussions

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, use of the main Faith Centre space is now strictly limited to individual worship. Please get in touch with the Faith Centre team with any questions.