Campus Relations

The LSE Faith Centre seeks to bring communities together on campus and to promote understanding around diverse religious issues as they affect the daily experiences of staff and students.


Faith Inclusion Training

The Faith Centre provides school-wide training on Faith Inclusion at the LSE, on campus and in halls. This training is available to Wardens and Subwardens of Halls of Residence and all student-facing staff in the School. The training aims to foster a shared understanding of faith and belief on campus and to promote an inclusive culture for students of all faiths and beliefs during their time at the LSE. The training also covers processes and contacts for tackling hate crime and issues of discrimination as they arise.

Please contact the LSE Faith Centre Team on if your departmental team would like to receive this training.

Changing the culture: building bridges on campus

The Faith Centre is working more widely with student faith societies, and LSESU groups to enable the LSE to further develop as an example of cutting edge interfaith relations on campus and in halls of residence for other universities to follow. This work includes reducing challenging interfaith conflicts on campus by supporting student leaders to be effective agents of dialogue and reconciliation, and looking at how the LSE can better enable students to feel safe and welcome on campus by supporting effective student campaigns to reduce incidences of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

Report It. Stop It

At LSE we want everyone to feel safe and supported on campus. Bullying and harrassment of any kind should not be tolerated. If you have experienced an incident of harassment or bullying of any nature on campus, including religiously-motivated harassment either against yourself or someone you know, you can report this confidentially using LSE's dedicated online form.

For more information on sources of support, look here.