Faith and Climate Action

Applying faith wisdom to address the major issue of our time.


What's it all about?

This leadership programme grounds participants in the reality of the climate crisis, explores faith perspectives as an imaginative resource and develops faith-inspired initiatives across religious differences to address the major issue of our time. 

The programme covers:

  • The environmental crisis and why faith is important in this conversation

  • The wisdom we can gain from faith resources across religious difference

  • The causes of the crisis and the alternative systems

  • Mapping faith and interfaith initiatives locally and globally

  • Skills for project delivery including team roles, communications and story, strategic project planning and evaluation, learning and adaptation

The programme gives you:

  • a deeper understanding of the urgency and severity of the current climate crisis.

  • an appreciation of the depth and wisdom that your own faith or belief system and other faith traditions can contribute to the climate narrative.

  • better awareness of the extent of existing faith-based climate action across diverse contexts locally and globally.

  • an improved understanding of the complex economic and political global systems that contribute to the climate crisis and begin to explore imaginative alternatives inspired by faith.

  • enhanced skills for your next steps on climate.

What is the commitment?

The course is free of charge with no preparatory reading and no final assessment, but with group work and small tasks to prepare in advance of each week.