Timetable of faith-based meetings on campus

Open to all staff and students at LSE


Catholic Mass
Desert Room, The Faith Centre
Catholic mass is held on campus every Wednesday at 12.15pm during term time. Fr Philip, our Catholic chaplain, is also available from 11:00am for confessions and spiritual conversation.


Holy Communion
Desert Room, The Faith Centre
Open to students and staff of all Christian dominations and those who are curious, with opportunities for discussion and spiritual direction. Held every Thursday at 1pm, led by Canon Jim Walters (Church of England) and the Reverend Janet Legro (United Church of Christ).


Jummah Prayers
Basement, SAW Building
LSE SU Islamic Society co-ordinate Jummah prayers on Fridays, these usually take place in the basement of the SAW building. The times will vary throughout the year. To find out more, get in touch with LSE SU Islamic Society.