Services for PhD students, research staff and fellows

All our careers services are available to PhD students, members of research staff, fellows and for PhD alumni for up to five years after completing your PhD.

Catherine Reynolds


Catherine Reynolds

PhD Careers Consultant

PhD career development programme

This brochure outlines the most relevant services and resources and advises you on how to approach your career while at LSE.

Download the brochure [pdf].

We also offer the following tailored services:


You can book an appointment with our PhD careers consultant on LSE CareerHub. 
Please note: All career discussions are held in confidence.

Careers events

One hour seminars on careers issues relevant to PhD students run throughout the year. Search all our events on CareerHub.

Forthcoming events

Online resources

PhD careers blog

Our PhD Careers Consultant writes the PhD careers blog, updating it with essential news and expert advice for PhD students and research staff considering what to do in their careers.

Latest blog posts

Accessing CareerHub

Most of our services require a CareerHub login. Find out how to access CareerHub below:

Current PhD students


You will automatically have access to CareerHub after you register on campus at the start of your degree. It usually takes a maximum of two days after registration until you have access. You will have access as a current student until your degree programme ends. This is usually the end of June for undergraduates and nine month master's students, and the end of September for postgraduates. After this time you will switch to having 'graduate' access.

You are eligible to use CareerHub if you are currently studying a degree programme awarded by LSE. Language Centre and Summer School students are not able to access CareerHub.

Logging in

  • Go to
  • Enter your CareerHub account details under the heading 'Login with your CareerHub account'. You will need to reset your password the first time you try to log in with your CareerHub account.
  • Or select 'Login with LSE IT account' and enter your LSE IT account details. We recommend you use your CareerHub account as you will be able to use these login details after your LSE IT account has expired.

If you have problems

If you try logging in and see a message on CareerHub saying 'You cannot register', this usually means that your login details are correct but that you are not eligible to use CareerHub (or should be logging in using a different method). Please contact us with your name and student number if you think you should be able to access CareerHub.

If you are told that your LSE IT Account username or password is incorrect then please contact the LSE IMT Service Desk on or 020 7107 5000.

PhD alumni (completed less than five years ago)


LSE alumni can access CareerHub for five years after you complete your degree programme at LSE. Please note that this is not the date you graduate; it is usually the end of June for undergraduates and nine month master's students and the end of September for 12 month master's students.

Access to careers appointments changes depending on how long ago you completed your course. See our careers advice for alumni page for more information.

Logging in

  • Go to
  • enter your CareerHub account username and password below the heading 'Login with your CareerHub account'

If you didn't activate your CareerHub account as a student you will need to set your password the first time you try and log in. If you still have access to the email address registered with LSE then you can reset your password to set up your alumni CareerHub Account.

If you no longer have access to the email registered with LSE then complete a new login request form to gain access to CareerHub. We aim to respond to your request within one working day.

Please note: if you completed your degree less than two years ago you can use your LSE Public Account details to log in if you prefer. Select 'Login with your LSE IT account' to use these details.

If you have problems

Please contact us if you have any issues with your CareerHub account. If possible include your student number, a screenshot of the problem and the browser you are using.

LSE research staff and fellows


You can gain staff access to CareerHub if you are a member of research staff at LSE and have not finished a degree programme at LSE in the last five years.

You will need to create a staff CareerHub account to gain access. Complete the form on the new user registration page and we’ll let you know when we’ve approved your registration. This will usually be on the same day.

Please note: if you have studied at LSE in the past and your staff ID is the same as your old student number then you will need to make up a unique staff ID to register with. We recommend adding '-staff' to the end of your staff ID.

Logging in

Once you have created a staff account go to and enter your CareerHub account username and password below the heading 'Login with your CareerHub account'.

If you have problems

If you have a problem registering please contact us with your name, staff ID and a screenshot of the error message.

Please ensure all the details have been entered correctly in the Twitter control.

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