Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business

Collaboration Tools

"Thank you for all the support from the IT in creating a SharePoint site … I couldn't be happier with your assistance." Professional Services Staff

Microsoft SharePoint - Site Owners Training

Please complete the Site Owners Moodle lesson prior to applying for a site or becoming a site owner. The Site Owners Training Manual will provide a space to record your planning notes and to find out how to set up and maintain your SharePoint site.

Microsoft SharePoint - End User training

The End Users Training Manual is for all SharePoint users and provides instructions on using SharePoint to upload, maintain, edit and collaborate on documents within SharePoint as well as using other supported features such as the SharePoint Calendar and Contacts.

OneDrive for Business (OD4B)

A series of guides are available to help you sync files to your desktop, share files with your colleagues, and troubleshoot issues with OD4B